Does the LYNX Touch 7000 use Z-Wave Motion Detectors?

The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch self-contained alarm system does not support Z-wave motion detection. The L5100-ZWAVE module is the Z-wave controller for the L7000. The L7000 with this module on board will support the following Z-wave devices: 6 locks, 4 thermostats, 40 lights. It will now also support Z-wave water valves used for flood prevention. However, it will support any of the Honeywell wireless motions detectors which are a cost effective way to protect a 35 foot by 40 foot area. 

The standard 5800PIR-RES motion detector is a versatile sensor that will work in just about any residential, indoor solution. The unit has up to 80 pounds of pet immunity and is included in all of our wireless security system kits. If you have small dogs or cats that do not jump off of furniture or stairs this is the unit for you. As you will see under the motion detector above, there are outdoor, long-range and many other options. Read through each description and find which motion best fits your needs. In some cases, motion detection is not ideal. 

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