Honeywell GSMV4G vs GSMX4G

The Honeywell cellular alarm communicators GSMV4G and GSMX4G accomplish the same thing on the VISTA series panels - they allow your security panel to communicate using cellular towers rather than the traditional phone line or the less reliable IP communication pathways. They are used with any of the VISTA series panels except the VISTA 21iP which uses the VISTA-GSM4G to accomplish the task of cellular communication.

The advantages of using a GSM communicator are obvious. Unlike the internet, it won't cut out, generally, and it is as reliable as the AT&T cell signal is in your house. For most people, that means that uptime is going to be something like 99.99%. It prevents some of the possible problems that phone communicators and IP communicators present such as a criminals ability to simply cut wires to break communication between your system and the central station. It does cost extra, and in evaluating your communication options, you should decide whether the extra $10/month (in the case of Alarm Grid's monitoring plans) is enough to make you want to install these communicators.

The GSMV4G is a unit that sits outside of the panel it is being used by and has its own power supply in the form of a small backup battery and a transformer, which are included in the kit. The GSMX4G, on the other hand, runs off panel power. This means that you will need to calculate how much power your VISTA panel is already outputting before deciding which to purchase. Should you go over your panel's power supply capabilities, you will need to add a new power supply such as the AD12612. Generally, we recommend the GSMV4G simply because it's common for users to max out their panel's output which makes the GSMV4G a much easier installation.

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