Honeywell 5800RPS vs 5800MICRA

The Honeywell 5800RPS and the 5800MICRA are both recessed, wireless security contacts designed to protect doors and/or windows. They belong to the Honeywell 5800 series family and will communicate wirelessly with any Honeywell wireless receiver and/or a wireless security system such a LYNX Touch L7000. Both require the need to drill into your door/window frame or jamb and the 5800MICRA requires the magnet to be drilled into your door/window itself.

The 5800MICRA is best known for its namesake, its tiny size. The sensor is no larger in diameter than a quarter and by far the most concealed of all honeywell recessed sensors. This unit is designed for windows (but can be used on doors) due to its shallow design. The unit uses a coin cell battery and will last up to 10 years with normal use. A forstner drill bit is the best way to install the sensor and magnet. Also, it is crucial to drill a small hole for the antenna to communicate with the RF receiver.

The 5800RPS is a rolling plunger contact that simply detects if a door/window is open or closed by the plunger being pushed in or released. There is no reed switch or magnet involved which can be very helpful in situations that involve interference. For example, metal doors and windows can interfere with the magnetism of the magnet and throw improper faults. The 5800RPS would be immune to these types of issues. Although this unit is a simpler design when it comes to the technology of detecting faults, the rolling plunger has a finite life when it comes to the physical mechanism.

Traditionally, these types of mechanisms are infamous for sticking or breaking after over use or physical malfunction. This particular unit has a newer design which prevents the plunger from sticking but the mechanism does have a life expectancy since it is a moving part that will eventually break down. All in all, it is a great unit that eliminates the need to drill a magnet into your door or window. In cases where you do not want to or can not drill into a door/window it is your only solution and a good one at that.

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