Honeywell 5808W3 vs Honeywell 5809

The Honeywell 5808W3 and the Honeywell 5809 are both life-safety devices. Both devices will alert the user to the presence of a fire. However, these devices differ in terms of their sensing capabilities. The 5808W3 responds to both heat and smoke, while the 5809 only responds to heat.

Honeywell 5808w3 wireless smoke and heat detector
Both the 5808W3 and the 5809 are part of the 5800 Series from Honeywell. As 5800 Series Sensors, these devices both communicate at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. They are also compatible with the same alarm systems. This includes any Honeywell Security System with a functioning wireless receiver, as well as any 2GIG System.

However, the 5808W3 serves as both a heat detector and as a smoke detector. It will activate upon either sensing a temperature greater than 135°F or any smoke in the area. The heat sensor on the 5808W3 will only activate based upon fixed temperature, and it does not include a rate of rise detection function. On the other hand, the 5809 is strictly a heat sensor. But the heat sensor on the 5809 will activate both for fixed temperature and rate of rise. The 5809 will trigger upon sensing a temperature above 135°F at any point, as well as if it senses a temperature increase of more than 15° in a single minute.

Another major difference between these two sensors concerns their life-span. A 5809 will only work once. After the 5809 device has been triggered due to sensing high heat, it will need to be replaced with an entirely new sensor. However, the 5808W3 will continue to function, even after it has been used on more than one occasion. As wireless devices, both sensors will require battery replacements every three to five years. Additionally, the 5809 is better suited for areas that may experience occasional smoke, such as a kitchen. The 5808W3 is better for areas in which there should absolutely never be any smoke present.

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