Honeywell 5816 vs 5815

Both the Honeywell 5816 and Honeywell 5815 wireless door/window sensors have an extended RF range of 200 nominal feet when compared to other 5800 series wireless devices. They also share an estimated battery life of 3 to 5 years which is not too shabby. These are not the only features that separate these devices from others in their class.

In fact, they both share the unique ability to transmit two discrete zones to a Honeywell LYNX Touch, which is a wireless alarm system. When the tamper cover is opened you will find a pair of screw terminals similar to those of a wired alarm panel. Simply land a normally closed contact on a door or window and wirelessly transmit the status of that wired zone back to the panel.

This is accomplished by assigning loop 1 to the wired zone. There is also an internal reed switch that can be used with the included 5899 magnet on loop 2. Yes a single serial number but two different loops. Make sure to assign loop 2 to any zone using the magnet. Now that we have discussed some similarities of these devices lets breakdown their differences.


5816: 1-9/16 inches wide, 3-1/16 inches high, 1 3/16 inches deep

5815: 1-1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high, 7/8 inches deep

The 5816 being the bigger, boxier unit is a bit larger and more industrial looking. For some installations this may not matter. For others the more aesthetically designed 5815 is the way to go. The smooth, curved edges allow the sensor to blend into its surrounding much better. Overall, these are two great wireless sensors that can wear many hats. Simply decide if aesthetics are worth the added price of the 5815. The choice is yours!

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We do not. Our L7000 kits come with the 5800mini which in my opinion is even nicer than the 5815. It has the nicer rounded edges but is much more compact offering the ability to fit in tight spaces for door/windows. All of the L7000 kits we have currently ship with the 5800MINI: Check out any of the L7000 kits here:
Do you sell L7000 kit with 5815?
Excellent inormation

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