Honeywell 5820L vs 5814

The 5820L and 5814 are Honeywell's most compact wireless door and window contacts. They both have nice, rounded edges that make them both a nice fit for ornate window and door casings. The 5814 is a cube shape but relatively compact for a surface mount contact. Its dimensions prove it to be a versatile unit: 1-1/2" H x 1-3/16" W x 5/8" D. The 5814 can offer a great solution for doors with its symmetrical design.

Similar to the 5814, the 5820L uses loop 1 with a 7 digit serial number when programmed into a Honeywell alarm system such as the L5200 LYNX Touch. It is designed for casement and double-hung windows due to its extremely narrow width of 1/2". Although this unit is skinnier is width it is larger in height coming in at 3 inches. This is a specialty sensor designed for those nooks and crannies alongside a modern double-hung window. 

The long shape of the 5820L offers extended battery life. It uses a AAA battery which are easy to find and last for up to 10 years! On the other hand, the 5814 requires a special coin cell battery and will last between 3 to 5 years. Although both units have a 1/2" spacing gap (between the magnet and reed switch built into the sensor), the nominal wireless range back to the receiver maxes out at 100 feet for the 5814 and 150 feet for the 5820L. 

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