Honeywell 5820L vs 5819whs

The Honeywell 5820L is a slender wireless contact that is shaped only slight larger than the AAA battery which powers it (up to 10 years). This unit is ideal for windows with narrow casing such as double hung or casement windows. Although its design favors window protection it can also be used on doors as well. The internal reed switch must be within 1/2 inch of the included magnet in order to report proper opening and closing. This unit is built to transmit a single zone while the 5819WHS supports three zones of burglary protection. 

The 5819WHS is a multi-faceted unit that supports shock detection and two separate normally closed contacts. When a zone is programmed using loop 1 the sensor transmits data using the integrated shock sensor. Unlike the 5819, there is no external shock sensor needed. Loop 2 utilizes a built in reed switch that can be used with a 5899 magnet (not included). Loop 3 requires a wiring a normally closed contact to the TB2 terminals inside the unit's tamper cover. This unit is very useful for protecting fixed glass, windows and doors as a single solution. 

All in all, these devices have very different applications. The 5820L is the winner when it comes to protecting a single window or door. On the other hand, the 5819WHS is clearly the more functional unit if you are looking for window, door protection and shock detection in a single area of your secured premise. 

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