Honeywell 6148 vs 6150 keypads

When it comes down to it, the Honeywell 6150 fixed English keypad is a better option than the 6148 keypad when deciding which keypad to use at your entry/exit doors for the purpose of arming and disarming your security system. The 6150 is more affordable and has more functional features.

The only distinct functional difference between the Honeywell 6150 fixed English keypad and the Honeywell 6148 fixed english keypad is the four one-touch programmable buttons that the 6150 has but the 6148 lacks. These four single touch buttons can be programmed to arm your system and activate panic alarms without typing in your code which is great for convenient system control. There are stickers that are included which can be placed on the buttons after they are programmed so all users will know what the function buttons will do. By programming one of the function buttons with Arm Away, you can arm the entire system by simply pressing and holding the function button. Similarly, you can program a function button with Arm Stay to arm everything except the motion detectors with one button press. If you program the function buttons with panic alarms, you can easily activate a police, fire or medical alarm from the keypad as well. With emergency situations, every second counts and being able to activate the proper authorities with the touch of a button is critical. The 6150 is less expensive than the 6148 and it includes the function buttons so it is an easy decision when choosing the right keypad for your property.

Like most Honeywell alarm keypads, the 6150 must be addressed to function properly with your alarm control panel. To enter programming mode, hold down the 1 and 3 keys simultaneously within 60 seconds of powering up the 6150. The current keypad address will be displayed and can be changed by pressing '00' to set the address back to '00', and then entering in a new 2 digit address. Valid keypad addresses for the 6150 range from 00 to 30. Review your Honeywell security system’s installation guide for valid keypad addresses. Note that if 10 seconds pass with no key entry, the keypad will automatically exit the address programming mode. In order to manually exit the address programming mode on the 6150, press the star (*) key.

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