How do I activate the chime on a 2Gig GoControl?

The 2GIG Go!Control is a wireless, self-contained alarm control panel with a built-in siren. The speaker not only serves as a burglary siren but also can trigger chime sounds and voice annunciate when doors and windows are opened. When your installer programs the sensors there is a programming question regarding the chime tone and voice announcement. Each zone must be individually setup with a chime mode in order to trigger a chime and/or voice announcement. There is also a global setting in the main menu in the security section. There are two boxes along the bottom of the screen that can be checked off to globally enable chime and voice.

In order to individually select chime tones and select the type of voice announcement you need to go into the installer toolbox. Click the logo on the bottom right of the home screen. Then enter the installer code - Default is 1561. Click into "Chime Setup" to view each sensor's chime selection. In this menu you can select the chime tone and voice type for each sensor. After the selections are made simply save the section and exit programming. It is important to have the global chime and voice settings enabled as well. These were described earlier.

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