How do I add a Honeywell 5834-4 key fob to an L5100?

Follow along with Sterling as he walks you through auto enrolling a Honeywell 5834-4 security key fob to the Honeywell L5100 Lynx Touch wireless alarm panel:

Make sure the tab on the key fob is removed so the key fob is powered up. Then enter programming on the L5100 touch panel by entering the following sequence: Tools > Enter your installer code (default is 4112) > Program > Keys > Add New. Click into the serial number field. You can now enter the serial number (excluding the 'a') or auto enroll.

To auto enroll do the following: First, ensure that you are in the serial number field with the number pad on the right by pressing the serial number field. Press and hold the top left 'arm away' button for 3 seconds on the key fob. There will be a single beep. Then press and hold again. There should be two beeps and the serial number and loop should auto fill into their corresponding fields on the panel. Then press and hold for a third time. You should now hear 3 beeps and will place you back to the programming screen. At this point, the arm away, arm stay and disarm buttons have been programmed. The lower right panic button notated with a red asterick icon is set to 'no response' by default. If you would like to enable a panic simply press button key 4 on the panel. You can now select the type of panic you would like to set up. The most common panics are '24 hour silent' or '24 hour audible.' If you have central station monitoring both will dispatch the authorities but the audible panic will trigger an alarm while the silent panic will not.

After you have selected the action for the panic button you will need to assign a user to each key fob. The top right field in programming the key fob will show 'user.' Click on user and assign a user for which the key fob can use. Keep in the mind that the babysitter user can not disarm any other user. Also the duress user will issue a silent panic so do not use that unless that is what you are looking to do. Lastly, it is recommended to use a sub user rather than your master user so you will know when the key fob is being used to issue security commands.

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Honeywell started shipping fobs in High Security mode (the red LED verifies yours is in that mode) so you need one more step which is described at
I have followed these steps and not been able to get the key fob to work. This is my second key fob, I've noticed on my first one that I've been using for a year that when I enter a command it blinks green, but on my new one while the system worked fined for auto setup, when I enter a command after exiting installer mode it blinks red and does not send the code through. I've tried deleting and adding it again, without luck. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks,
If you are able to get into programming mode using the video Julia posted, make sure to check if the LED on the fob lights up green or red. If it lights up red, it's in high security mode and you'll need the FAQ at to make the fob functional after you've programmed it to the system.
Miles, This Video shows you how to get back into programming if you've been locked out or have forgotten the installer code.
Can I add an extra 5834-4 key fob to my Honeywell L5100 without an installer code? I'd imagine the trick is to get into programming mode without it...

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