How Do I Add A Lyric-3g to A Lyric Security System?

This video illustrates how to add a cellular radio to the Lyric Controller security system:

The Honeywell Lyric Controller Security System comes equipped with a built in WiFi module. Users do have the option to purchase and install a Lyric-3g cellular communicator which provides dual communication.

To install the Lyric-3g cell unit. Open the side panel on the Lyric Controller. Insert the Lyric-3g and secure with the provided screw. Replace the side cover.

Provide the MAC ID number and CRC number off the unit, the numbers can also be found on the side of the box it was shipped in to a Honeywell/AlarmNet dealer. Honeywell/AlarmNet dealers are the only ones who can register and activate Honeywell communicators. Registration will be done during the time of activation.

A gsm cell communicator and or a WiFi communicator allows users to connect to Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone or ios device. Users will receive notifications from on any alarm signal and event via email and or text message.

Dual communication is considered the most secure way to have a security system communicate. The first path of communication is the internet. If the internet goes down for any reason at all, the gsm cell communicator will kick in and send the signal. It’s recommended to have a battery backup for the modem and router if WiFi is the only means of communication. This will signals to continue to be sent to a monitoring station and Total Connect 2.0 if power is lost. However, a backup battery will not help in the event of the internet being down.

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