How Do I Add a User Code to My 2GIG Edge?

You can add a user code to your 2GIG Edge by first clicking the settings icon from the main screen, then providing verification through the valid master code or facial recognition, then choosing Users, then selecting Add User in the bottom-right, and following the on-screen process.

A new user code will be able to arm and disarm the system. In addition to assigning a digit code for disarming, you can also provide facial biometric information for disarming via facial recognition. You can also pair a Bluetooth-compatible phone to disarm automatically using Bluetooth disarming. If you want to learn more about facial recognition on the 2GIG Edge, check out this blog. If you want to learn more about automatic Bluetooth disarming on the 2GIG Edge, check out this other post.

Complete the following steps to add a user code to the 2GIG Edge:

1. Access users menu. Begin from the main screen of the 2GIG Edge. Click the settings icon (the gear) in the lower-right corner. Verify that you are a Master-level user by providing the Master Code or facial biometric information for the Master User (if enabled). Alternatively, you can instead provide the Installer Code (default 1561). Once you are in the settings menu, choose Users to access the users menu.

2. Begin adding new user. Once you are in the users menu, click the Add Users button in the bottom-right. First you will provide a name for this new user. Enter in the name, and press Next. Then provide the code you want to use. Ideally make it a code that only you would know and that would be difficult to randomly guess. Click Next after entering the code. Then verify that code by entering the same code again. Then press next again.

3. Set up optional features. You can now set up facial recognition if you want to use it. Choose Next if you want to use it, or Skip if you don't want to set it up or if you're okay with setting it up later. After facial recognition comes the ability to assign a Bluetooth phone to the system so that it disarms automatically upon detecting your phone after faulting an Entry/Exit Zone. This is also optional. Choose Next if you want to set up automatic Bluetooth disarming, or Skip if you do not plan on using the feature right away.

4. Confirm the new user. You will now reach a confirmation screen where you can see all the settings for the new user. Click Done in the bottom-right. Then return home using the arrow in the upper-right.

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