How Do I Add a User to a Honeywell L5100?

You can add a user to a Honeywell L5100 by accessing the Users Menu for the alarm panel. To access this menu, you must provide the system's Master Code. The panel can support up to 16 total codes. This includes one Installer Code, one Master Code, and up to 14 secondary system codes.

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There are three types of secondary codes that can be added to a Honeywell L5100 Alarm System. These are user codes, a single system guest code and a single system duress code. A user code can arm and disarm the system and bypass sensors. A guest code can arm the system, but it can only disarm if it was the code used to arm. A duress code will disarm the system, but it also sends a secret alert to a central monitoring station, letting them know that the user is in distress and requires immediate assistance. All of these codes are added through the Users Menu.

When someone says they are adding a new user to a Honeywell L5100, they usually mean that they are adding a new user code. Like all secondary codes, this is done through the Users Menu. Complete the following steps to access the Users Menu and add a new user code to the Honeywell L5100 System:

1. Open the Users Menu. Start from the main screen of the L5100 System. Choose Security > More > Tools > Master Code (default is 1234) > Users. You are now in the Users Menu.

2. Add a new user. Press the "Add New" button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a screen where you can set up the new user code.

3. Configure the code settings. Go through each field and adjust the settings as desired. By default there will be four fields for the menu.

The Name serves as an identifier for the code. Choose a Name that will help you easily identify the code, such as the code user's name.

The upper-right field is the system user number. The user number cannot be adjusted.

The User Code is the four digit passcode that will be used to control the system. Choose a code that the user will remember, but that is not easy to guess.

Z-Wave Lock Control determines whether or not the code can be used to open a Z-Wave door lock. Setting this option to "Yes" will automatically push the code over to the Z-Wave lock once it has been saved.

Upon enabling Z-Wave Lock Control, a fifth field called "Z-Wave Unlocking Door" will be made available. This can be set to "Disarm" or "Disabled". Choosing "Disarm" will have the system automatically disarm whenever the code is used to unlock the door. Choosing "Disabled" will automatically push the code to the lock, but will have the code only unlock the door when used. The system will remain in its current arming state.

When you have finished adjusting the settings, press "Save" in the lower-right corner.

4. Exit the menu. Press the return arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then press the Back button in the bottom-right corner to return to the main screen.

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