How Do I Add Additional Keypads on a Honeywell L5000?

You can additional keypads on a Honeywell L5000 by adjusting the settings for the keypad to match those programmed for the panel. As the L5000 is part of the LYNX Touch Series, there are two keypads that can be used. These are the Honeywell 5828 and the Honeywell 5828V Wireless Keypads.

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Complete the following steps to pair a 5828 or 5828V Keypad with a Honeywell L5000:

1. Set panel House ID. Start by using the L5000. From its main screen, choose Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > System Type > RF House Code. The House ID for the panel can be set from this screen. Any two-digit value from 01 to 31 can be entered, with the default selection being "10". This setting will be applied to the keypad later, so make sure to remember it. After making your selection, press "Done" in the bottom-right to continue. Then press "Save", which is also in the bottom-right. Then press the return arrow in the upper-right. Choose "Yes" when prompted if the Installer should be allowed to reenter programming. Then press the return arrow a final time to return to the main screen.

2. Set keypad House ID. From this step forward, the entire process is completed using the 5828 or 5828V Keypad. If the keypad is running on battery power, you will need to activate it first. This can be done by pressing and holding the [*] key for a few seconds. The keypad will light up and produce some type of sound. You do not need to do this if the keypad is running on AC power, as it will already be active. After activating the keypad, press and hold the [1] and [3] keys at the same time. Keep holding down the buttons until the keypad screen starts flashing between "00" and "--". This indicates that the keypad is now in its programming mode. For this guide, we will only cover the steps necessary for programming the keypad to work with the L5000 System. Additional keypad programming options can be found in the Honeywell 5828 and 5828V Install Guide.

From there, press [1] to enter into the House ID sub-field. The keypad will flash between "t1" and the current two-digit House ID setting to indicate that the field has been accessed. Enter the same House ID that was provided for the L5000 System in Step 1. Then press the [*] key to continue. You can confirm that that House ID has been set, as the keypad will return to flashing between "00" and '--".

3. Set the System Type. Press the [2] key to have the keypad access its System Type sub-field. The keypad will confirm that this sub-field has been accessed by flashing between "t2" and its current System Type value. To set the keypad for use with a Honeywell LYNX Touch System like the L5000, press [2]. If you were programming for a VISTA System, you would enter [1] instead. After pressing [2], continue by pressing the [*] key. You can confirm that the System Type has been set, as the keypad will go back to flashing "00" and "--". To exit programming, press the [*] key.

4. Test the keypad. With the keypad active, enter the command [Master Code] + [3]. The Master Code is the same code that is typically used for arming and disarming. By default, it is set at 1234, but most users change this code to prevent access by others. After entering the command, the keypad should display a message indicating that the system is entering arm stay mode. This can also be confirmed on the L5000 Panel. Then disarm the system by entering [Master Code] + [1] on the keypad. Both the keypad and the panel should confirm that the system is disarmed. By arming and disarming the L5000 System from the keypad, you will have confirmed that the keypad has been programmed correctly.

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