How Do I Add Alarm Sensors to a Double Sliding Door?

You can add alarm sensors to a double sliding door by using two door contacts and magnets and then placing one set on the right side of the sliding door and the other set on the left side. This will allow your security system to detect an opening from either side of the sliding door.

When placing the contacts, you should mount them on the frame of the sliding door. By mounting the contacts on the non-moving portion of the door, you can prevent their circuit boards from being rattled when the door is closed. Meanwhile, the magnets should be placed on the moving part on the door within about a half-inch of the sensor. This will ensure that the zone doesn't appear faulted when the door is closed.

Complete the following steps to add alarm sensors to a double sliding door:

1. Program the sensors. Make sure that your sensors have been properly programmed to your security system. The process for doing this will depend on the type of panel you have.

2. Install the right side. On the right side of the moving part of the door next to its frame, mount the magnet for one of the contacts by using a double-sided adhesive. Then use a double-sided adhesive to mount the contact on the door frame to the right, making sure not to exceed the gap rating for the contact.

3. Install the left side. Repeat the process for the left side of the door using the other contact and magnet. This time, the contact will be to the left of the magnet. Make sure that the magnet and the contact are mounted within the proper gap spacing, so that the device works properly. Proper gap spacing varies per contact.

4. Test the sensors. With both sides of the door closed, set your security system to armed mode. Wait for the exit delay period to expire. Without faulting any other zones, open the right side of the door. The zone should fault. You can then disarm your panel using your Master Code or any valid user code.

Repeat the process for the left side of the door. If you are able to successfully trigger a fault for both sides, then both sensors were programmed and set up correctly. If the process was unsuccessful, then you will need to troubleshoot your sensors.

The video below will help you add sensors to a double sliding door:

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