How Do I Add an Interlogix Simon XT to My Local WIFI?

You cannot add an Interlogix Simon XT to your local WIFI. There is currently no official WIFI card for the system. Even then, WIFI connectivity would not be particularly useful for a Simon XT System. Instead, cellular service will provide the alarm system with access to

In order for a system to connect to a WIFI network, it must have a WIFI card. Interlogix does not manufacture an official WIFI card for their Simon XT System. This means that there is no official way to add a Simon XT System to a local WIFI network. If no add-ons are used with the system, then the Simon XT will only be capable of using POTS (plain old telephone service). The system can also use cellular connectivity if a cellular module is added.

All things considered, WIFI connectivity would not even be that useful for the system. This is because adding WIFI connectivity would not provide the system with any new functions or features. However, adding cellular connectivity allows the Simon XT System to access This service is used for arming and disarming the system, checking sensor status and for controlling Z-Wave devices. By using the Mobile App, all of these actions can be accomplished from anywhere.

Cellular connectivity is the only way for an alarm system to interface with, as the interactive service platform will not interface with any alarm panels that are running exclusively WIFI. This makes adding cellular connectivity to a Simon XT System much more worthwhile than adding WIFI connectivity. Additionally, cellular service is more reliable than WIFI. Cellular service is almost never down, and it will continue to run in the event of a power outage. The same cannot be said for WIFI.

Additionally, the cellular module that is used a Simon XT System doubles as a Z-Wave controller. This allows the system to interface with Z-Wave devices. The programmed Z-Wave devices can be controlled through the service, and they can also be operated remotely using the Mobile App.

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