How Do I Add My Lyric Controller to My WIFI Network?

You can add your Lyric Controller to your WIFI network by accessing the Master Tools Menu, choosing WIFI Config, scanning for available networks, choosing the network you want to use, providing the password, and joining the network. You can only pair the Lyric with 2.4 GHz WIFI networks.

Pairing the Lyric with a WIFI network is an important step for getting the system monitored. Even if you add a cellular communicator to the system, it never hurts to set up WIFI connectivity for an additional communication path. And if you are using the system with a monitoring plan that doesn't include cellular, then connecting to WIFI will be required for monitoring service and maintaining connectivity with the AlarmNet servers. Just keep in mind that only 2.4 GHz WIFI networks are supported by the Lyric System. You cannot pair it with 5 GHz WIFI networks.

Complete the following steps to connect the Lyric to WIFI:

1. Access WIFI Configuration. Start from the main screen of the Honeywell Lyric. Click Security > Tools > enter the Master Code (default 1234, but usually changed) > WIFI Config. You will enter the WIFI Configuration Menu.

2. Choose a WIFI network. Select the option "Scan Access Points". The Lyric will then begin searching for WIFI networks in the area. Once the system displays the networks, scroll through the list using the arrows on the right-hand side, and find the network you want to use. Click on the network to highlight it blue. Then click the Edit button in the bottom-left corner to select the network.

3. Provide the network password. You will then be taken to a screen where you can configure the network settings. In most cases, you will only need to provide the network password. Click on the Password field. A keyboard will be displayed on the screen. Enter in the password for the network, making sure to observe any capitalization rules, if applicable. Then click Save in the bottom-right corner once you have finished.

4. Join the network. You will be taken back to the previous network settings screen. Click the Join button at the bottom of the screen. The Lyric will begin connecting to the network. You should get a notification that the system has successfully connected. Click OK. Then press the green home button on the front of the panel to return to the home screen.

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