How do I add user codes to a VISTA 50P?

The Vista-50P supports up to 75 user codes, and each user is given an authority level at the time the code is created. The Authority Levels are as follows:

1 = Master

2 = Manager

3 = Operator A (Arm, Disarm, Bypass)

4 = Operator B (Arm, Disarm)

5 = Operator C (Arm, Disarm*)

6 = Duress

* Operator C can only disarm, if it was used to arm.

A Master code can perform all security functions, can change itself, and can add, edit, or delete any other code with a lesser authority level.

A Manager code has the same privileges as a Master, it can also only add, edit, or delete any other code with a lesser authority level than itself.

Because adding user codes is a menu driven operation, it is recommended that you only attempt to do this using an alpha display keypad, such as the 6160 or equivalent.

To add a user code on the Vista-50P:

  • Enter a Master or Manager code + 8 + the 2 digit user number you wish to add (02 - 75) + the 4 digit security code for that user.
  • You may see this prompt, if so, this means the user number you selected (02 - 75) already exists. If you are attempting to add a new code, choose 1 for Yes at this prompt. You will automatically be moved to the next available user number position and taken to the next prompt.
  • Enter the proper authority level based on the table above. Remember that a Master can only add Manager or below authority levels, and a Manager can only add Operator A and below.
  • If limitation of access schedules have been programmed into the system, and this code should adhere to one of those schedules (meaning, there will be times when it will work, and times when it will not) then choose the group, 1 - 8, that it should be assigned to here. Be sure you have this information ready before you begin to add the code. When in doubt, choose 0, and the code will have access all the time.
  • Keyfobs used on the Vista-50P must be assigned to a user code before they can arm/disarm the system. The keyfob should be programmed into Zones first, then the user code for that keyfob added once outside panel programming. If the fob has not been programmed into zones, this prompt will not come up when adding the user code. If you would like to assign a keyfob to this user, choose 1 for Yes, otherwise, choose 0 for No.
  • Assuming you said 1 for Yes on the previous prompt, you'll see this next. You must enter a single 2-digit zone number from the keyfob you want to assign to this user code. Preferably, it should be the first arming or disarming zone associated with the fob. Panic buttons will work, whether the fob is assigned to a user or not.
  • This prompt will appear in systems with multiple partitions, the Vista-50P supports up to 8. The partition whose keypad you add the user from will become that user's home partition. It can only be edited or deleted from that partition going forward. If you say 1 for Yes to "Multi-Access?" you're saying that this user code will be allowed to arm/disarm other partitions, in addition to its home partition. This means that for each partition you want to give this code access to, you will have to assign an authority level, potentially an Access Group, RF Button, and whether or not the code is Global on the partition in question.
  • If a user has access to multiple partitions, and is global in multiple partitions, when that user code is used to arm or disarm, the keypad may prompt "Arm All, 1=Yes, 0=No" or "Disarm All, 1 =Yes, 0=No". Choosing 1 will attempt to send the command, arm or disarm, to all partitions this code has access to, and is global in. Choosing 0 will take the user through each partition they have access to and give them the choice of Yes or No for each partition. You will be prompted as to whether the user will be allowed to Global Arm for each partition you give the user access to.
  • This prompt, given while adding a User, is asking whether or not you want to give this particular user access to partition 2, which in this example is the Shop. If you say Yes, this procedure will begin again at the beginning, asking you for an authority level for this user in this partition, and going forward through the rest of the prompts. A user may be an Operator A in one partition, a Manager in another partition, and Operator B in still another partition, if the circumstances call for it. If you say No at this prompt, the next partition number will show up, with the option for Yes or No, and the process continues until you've gone through all available partitions.
  • When adding the code is complete, you'll be shown a summary screen for each partition it has been given access to. In this particular summary screen, it's showing the parameters for Partition 1, A0 means this user was assigned to Access Group 0, the asterisk indicates this is the user's home partition, and that partition 1 is the WHSE, this is User number 03, and it is Authority Level 3, with Global access in this partition. If the code was given access to multiple partitions, each partition will display a similar summary screen in turn.

If you know a valid 4 digit code, but are unsure what the user number for the code is, enter the Code + ** on an alpha keypad to see a summary screen of that code.

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