How Do I Arm My Lyric to Stay?

You can arm your Lyric to Stay by choosing the Arm Stay option and providing a valid system code. The system will then begin counting down the exit delay period for the arming to go into effect. You can then disarm the the Lyric Alarm System later by providing a valid system code.

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Arm Stay mode is best-suited for situations where you want the system to be armed, but someone will be staying inside the building. In this mode entry/exit and perimeter zones will be active, but interior zones will be automatically bypassed. This way, the user can move throughout the building freely without having to worry about setting off an alarm. But if someone opens an entry/exit zone, then the system will still need to be disarmed within the entry delay period or else an alarm will occur. Likewise, an immediate alarm will occur if a perimeter zone is faulted.

In order to arm the Lyric, you must provide a valid system code. The most common codes to use are the Master Code or a standard user code. These are also codes that can be used to disarm the panel later. You can also use the Installer Code or the Guest Code to arm the Lyric. However, these codes cannot disarm unless they were used to arm the system in the first place. Additionally, using the Installer Code to arm is never recommended, as it presents a potential security risk if the code is kept at its default of 4112. Finally, you should never arm the system with the Duress Code, unless there is a real emergency. Using the Duress Code will immediately alert the central station for automatic dispatch.

Complete the following steps to set your Lyric to Arm Stay mode:

1. Access Arm Stay mode. Start from the main screen of the Lyric. Choose Security > Arm Stay. This will access Arm Stay mode.

2. Provide a valid code. You must then provide a valid code for the system. Generally the Master Code or a valid user code are used here. The Installer Code or Guest Code can also be used if you want to use that particular code to disarm later for whatever reason. Entering the Duress Code will alert the central station for immediate dispatch.

3. Wait for exit delay. You must wait for the exit delay period period to expire for the arming mode to go into effect. Since you are arming stay, you do not need to leave the premises. If you want to extend the exit delay, you can choose the Restart Timer option. However, you can only do this once. If you want to cancel arming, choose Disarm, and provide a valid code. The system will arm once the exit delay period expires.

4. Disarm the system. You can disarm the system later by providing a valid code. The Master Code and any standard user code will disarm regardless of which code was used to arm originally. The Installer and Guest Codes can only disarm if they were used to originally arm the system. The Duress Code will also disarm the system, but it will send a secret alert to the central monitoring station to send emergency dispatch immediately. Do not use the Duress Code to disarm unless there is an emergency.

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