How Do I Bypass a Zone On My Honeywell Lyric?

You can bypass a zone on your Honeywell Lyric by accessing the Zones Menu, toggling to display the desired zone, clicking the zone, clicking the Bypass Button, and entering your Master Code. Any bypassed zone will be ignored by the system, thereby making it unable to trigger an alarm.

If you try to arm the system but there is a faulted sensor (e.g. a door opened), then it will require you to "Arm Custom" and bypass the sensor so that it is ignored. You can also manually bypass sensors whenever you want. By doing this, the system will ignore these sensors, and you will not be alerted when they activate. Additionally, any bypassed sensor will be unable to cause an alarm or a trouble condition on the system.

Each sensor is assigned with at least one zone on the system. When you bypass a zone, your are really making it so that the system will not respond when that specific zone is activated or faulted. This is a good alternative to deleting the sensor entirely, as you can always un-bypass the zone later if needed. Please note that it is not possible to bypass 24-Hour Zones, which includes most life-safety sensors.

Complete the following steps to bypass a sensor so that it is ignored by the system:

1. Access the Zones List. Access the Zones List by choosing Security, followed by Zones from the main screen. You will enter the Zones List after clicking on Zones.

2. Toggle the screen. In the bottom-right corner, there is a button you can press to toggle between different screens. If the zone you want to bypass is not already displayed, toggle the screen until it is. For example, a good strategy if the zone is already faulted is to toggle until you reach the "Fault" screen so that all faulted zones are displayed. Or if the zone is not already faulted, toggle to the All screen.

3. Highlight the zones. Click on any zone you want to bypass. This will highlight the zones. Continue to the next step once all of the zones you want to bypass are highlighted.

4. Bypass the zones. Click the blue Bypass Button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter a code. You can enter your Master Code here. This is the code that you normally use to arm and disarm. It is almost always changed from its default of 1234. The zones that you highlighted earlier will now be bypassed.

5. Return to home screen. Press the return arrow in the upper-right corner to return to the home screen. The zones you bypassed in Step 4 will remain bypassed.

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