How Do I Change The Battery In A 5808W3 Smoke Detector?

To change the battery in a Honeywell 5808W3 smoke detector, remove the detector from its mounting base by twisting the smoke detector counterclockwise. The 5808W3 is tamper protected, so this will cause a trouble condition to be displayed on the alarm panel, unless the panel is in program mode, or powered down. Remove the battery. To ensure proper power-down sequence, wait a minimum of 20 seconds before installing the new battery.

Install a new 3-volt CR123A Lithium battery in the battery compartment. Follow the polarity diagram inside the compartment to install the battery correctly.

Reinstall the smoke detector onto the mounting base by insertnig, then turning the smoke detector clockwise. If a tamper trouble condition was caused by removing the 5808W3 from the base, disarm the system twice to clear the trouble display.

Always test the smoke detector for signal strength after changing the battery.

To test for signal strength, activate the wireless system's GO/NO GO TEST mode from the keypad. Depress and hold the smoke detector's test switch. If the smoke detector has not previously detected a low battery and it is within proper sensitivity limits, the detector should immediately transmit an alarm signal to the control panel. The built-in horn will start to sound about 2.5 seconds after depressing the button. The wireless system's keypad should emit at least three audible sounds when the alarm transmission is received and will display the transmitting detector's zone number. When the keypad has received the test signal, release the test switch. The horn will immediately stop and a few seconds later the smoke detector's zone number will clear from the keypad display. If the smoke detector does not appear to be sending a signal during any of the tests, check the polarity of the battery and be sure it is fully charged and that the battery is making good contact on both the positive and negative ends. If this is an initial installation and the signal is not transmitting, try moving the smoke detector to another location that provides a proper signal transmission path to the receiver. Also be sure that the smoke detector has been properly enrolled to the control panel. Turn off the system's test once testing is completed by performing a disarm command.

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