How Do I Change the Battery in My DSC Impassa?

You can change the battery in your DSC Impassa by opening up the system, unplugging the old battery, unscrewing the battery tab, pulling out the battery, inserting the new one, reapplying the battery tab, plugging in the new battery and finally closing the DSC Impassa Alarm System.

Dsc scw457aatnt front openIt is necessary to replace the backup battery in a DSC Impassa every few years. Complete the following steps to change the battery in your DSC Impassa:

1. Open the system. On the front of the DSC Impassa System, there are two tabs that must be both individually pressed in before the system can be opened. The tabs can be pushed in using a small screwdriver or other sturdy thin object. Push both the tabs in, and then pull the front of the system away from the back to open it up. The two tabs on the front of the panel can be seen in the picture below:

2. Remove the old battery. Locate the battery inside the system. Unplug the battery from the board on the system. Then use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the tab holding the battery in place. With the tab released, the old battery can be taken out from the system. The picture below shows the battery plug and the battery tab:

3. Insert the new battery. Slide the new battery into the place of the old one. Plug the cable attached to the battery into the same plug-in on the board that the old battery was using. Then re-secure the battery tab using the screwdriver.

4. Close the system. Close the front of the system to its back. When doing this, the top portion of the system (opposite from the tabs) should be closed first. Then close the lower portion with the tabs. Make sure that both ends are securely closed. The tabs on the front should click into place.

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Hi Gail, We have a Self Bronze service plan at the bottom of our sign up page - Perhaps you didn't scroll down far enough to see it? However, I do want to mention that the DSC Impassa is not a system eligible for that service plan as there are no IP only communicators we support for that system and the Self Bronze plan is only eligible for systems that are IP based only. Do you have the Impassa now?

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