How Do I Change The Brightness On My 2Gig GoControl?

To adjust or change the brightness on a 2Gig GoControl alarm panel, press the Security icon from the home screen on the touchscreen of the alarm panel. Press menu on the security screen. From the menu screen press Toolbox. Enter the four digit master user code (2Gig's default master user code is 1561). At the toolbox 1 of 3 screen, select and press the Brightness/Volume. Users can adjust the brightness using the top bar. Adjust the brightness level from 1 - 12 using the buttons on each end of the bar. When the desired level of brightness is completed, press OK to save.

The speaker volume levels can also be adjusted by pressing the buttons on each end of the bottom bar on the same screen. Levels 1 - 12 with 12 being loud. Adjusting the speaker volume does not affect the alarm sounder volume.

Users can also adjust the back-light timeout from 2 of 3 in the toolbox screen. The back-light timeout sets the length of time the display stays lit after use. The back-light timeout can be adjusted 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes or to light the display continuously. From page 2 in the toolbox menu, select Backlight Timeout and select one of the times. Press OK to save. If the event of power loss to the control panel, the back-light will go dark after 30 seconds regardless of the setting to conserve the backup battery.

The 2Gig GoControl alarm panel is a all in one security and home management system. The alarm panel supports up to 48 wireless zones, 2 hardwired zones and up to 32 user codes. The panel has a built in color touchscreen, siren and zwave controller.

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