How Do I Change the Date and Time for a Honeywell Lyric Controller?

You can change the date and time for a Honeywell Lyric Controller by accessing the Date Time Menu, which is found within the Master Tools Menu. This requires knowing the system Master Code. This menu also includes options for adjusting the Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time settings.

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Monitored systems will have the panel date and time automatically set based on the AlarmNet server. This setting will be based on the time zone selected for the account. For non-monitored accounts, If you would like to adjust the date and time for a Honeywell Lyric Controller, complete the following steps:

1. Open the menu. Begin from the home screen of the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Choose Security, then Tools, and then enter in the Master Code (default is 1234). This will take you to the Master Tools Menu. Choose the option "Date Time", which is at the bottom-left. This will open the Date Time Menu.

2. Change the date. Scroll through the available months and years, and set them to the desired options. Then choose the specific day. Make sure that the month, year and date are all correct. Then press the down arrow to continue.

3. Change the time. To adjust the time, start by pressing "Clear" button in the lower-left corner. Then enter in the desired time, beginning with the 2-digit hour, and then the 2-digit minute. For example, to enter in 3:51, you would enter in "0351". Then choose AM or PM in the lower-left corner. The selected AM or PM option will have a blue background and white lettering.

The Date Time Menu also allows users to adjust the Daylight Savings Time Settings and the Time Zone Settings. To access these settings, press the down arrow on the right one more time. Otherwise, continue to the final step.

4. Exit the menu. Press the "Save" button in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then press the house button on the front of the system to return to the main screen.

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