How Do I Change The Date & Time On A Honeywell L7000?

The Honeywell L7000 is one of Honeywell's most popular security systems, but out of the box, it's time and date might not be accurate. Correcting the date or time on the Honeywell L7000 requires the user to enter programming, and perform a few simple button presses.

Make sure your panel is at the home screen. If you are not sure click push hard rubber button with the house icon on it. From the home screen, click "More" in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Enter the installer code (which is defaulted to 4112 if it hasn't been changed). From this screen select "Program." Select "Date and Time." Use the arrows to select the month and year. Once completed, advance to the next screen by selecting "Time." Touch the "Clear" button, which will delete the current time from the system. Enter the correct time and select AM or PM. Select "Save."

The system will send you back to the programming screen. From here select, "Time Zone." The system will present the option for Daylight Savings time. If "Yes" is selected, then select the month, start week, end month and end week. Once completed, click "Save." Get out of programming by pushing the backward arrow on the screen. As you leave programming the system will ask you whether to Allow Installer back in or not. Make sure to select "Yes."

For anyone fortunate enough to have used Honeywell's 4GL cell communicator, the "Time and Date" will be automatically programmed and updated by the monitoring company so long as the correct time zone is added to the panel.

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Thanks for confirming Joe. I looked again at the ZWSTAT User Manual and there is the DST On setting. So they're indeed completely self-contained from a TOD point-of-view. Since I'm certain I haven't touched either of the two clocks since install some 13 months ago, it's interesting to see that they drifted in exactly the same way, implying to me that they were somehow kept in-sync by either the L7000 or TC2.0! Wrong! :o
Thats correct, the date and time on the ZWSTAT are programming locally on the thermostat and aren't pushed through TC2.0 or the panel.
24 hours later the times shown on both of my ZWSTATs remain a few minutes off, as if the DST fallback change is either built-in or only the Hour was sent to it by TC2.0 or ? In any case I changed them to read accurately and remain somewhat surprised and disappointed by the limited integration of the ZWSTATs with the L7000 and TC2.0. :-(
This morning following changeover to Standard time from DST, my 4GL-enabled L7000's time is correct, but both of my ZWSTAT thermostats are 3 minutes off. So it seems that the thermostats "fell back" as they should have, but why would they be 3 minutes off from the panel? Does the L7000 not send the correct time to the ZWSTAT?
If you press Security > More > Tools > enter Master Code > Date & Time > hit the down arrow twice, you should have a time zone selection that you can change and save to get the correct time on your L7000.
On my Lynx 7000, I've set the correct location and time but no matter what time I set, it resets to two hours ahead of the actual time (i.e., it shows 11 PM when it is 9 PM here). Any ideas?

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