How Do I Change the Master Code on a VISTA 128BPT?

You can change the Master Code on a VISTA 128BPT by entering in a specific series of commands on the keypad. These commands include accessing the settings menu with the current Master Code, specifying that you want to change the Master Code, and providing a new Master Code for the system.

The complete entry for changing the Master Code on a VISTA 128BPT System is as follows:

[Current Master Code] + [8] + [002] + [New Master Code] + [0] + [New Master Code Again]

This sequence can be entered on either an alphanumeric keypad or a fixed English keypad. However, we only recommend attempting this on an alphanumeric keypad. This is because the menu options will not be displayed on a fixed English keypad. This can make it very easy to get lost inside the menus.

Complete the following steps to change the Master Code on a VISTA 128BPT:

1. Signify a code command. On your keypad (preferably an alphanumeric keypad), enter in the following:

[Current Master Code] + [8]

This will tell the system that a code command is set to follow. Remember, the default Master Code on a VISTA System is 1234.

2. Identify the user number. Unlike most VISTA P-Series Systems, which use 2-digit codes to identify different users, the VISTA 128BPT uses three digit codes to identify each user. The Master User on a VISTA 128BPT System is always 002. In order to identify the Master Code as the code that you want adjust, you must enter in its user number of 002. With that in mind, enter in the following command:


3. Provide the new code. Now that you have identified the Master User as the user that is being configured, you can then provide a new Master Code. Enter in the desired 4-digit code as follows:

[New Master Code]

4. Do not add new user. The system will then ask if a new user should be added. Hitting [0] will tell the system "No". Hitting [1] will tell the system "Yes". Changing a code does not involve adding a new user. Therefore, you will press [0] for no.


5. Confirm the new code. To complete the process, you must confirm the new Master Code. This is done by entering in the same 4-digit code provided in Step 3.

[New Master Code Again]

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