How do I change the volume on an L5200 Control Panel?

You need to access the main menu settings in order to adjust the volume on the Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm system. When you are at the home screen execute the following: Security + More (bottom right corner) + Settings. You will see a slider bar that controls the volume of the system. It will produce beeps as you move the dot along the slider to give you an idea of the volume it is currently set to.

Chimes and warning beeps for entry/exit delays will follow this setting. This will affect any noise produced by the panel except an alarm. You are unable to adjust the volume on the sounder during an alarm. If you want to completely disable it check out our FAQ: Can you turn off the siren the L5200 LYNX Touch? If you are trying to manage the arm confirmation loud beep from the security key fobs check out our FAQ.

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