How do I check the revision on my VISTA 20P panel?

There is a small chip on the board that is about 1 inch by 1 inch where your panel's revision can be found. The newest revision is 9.12, and those chips look like the ones in the picture below.

As you can see, the 9.12 revision PROM chip's number is printed after the letters and numbers "WA20P". On your panel, you will see something similar, and can very quickly ascertain the pane's revision simply by reading the numbers off that chip. 9.12 is the revision you will need if you are looking to use Total Connect with your VISTA 20P security system.

For those who do not have a 9.12 revision panel, the solution is simple: the old chip can be replaced with a new one without a loss of programming. You simply power the system down, pop the existing chip out, and put the new 9.12 revision chip in its place. The entire process takes about a minute to perform and is simple once the other chip is lifted. Once you've done that, feel free to sign up for any of our alarm monitoring packages that work contain Total Connect: self-monitoring or monitoring plus.

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With that. revision of panel yes you can upgrade the chip in your panel to the latest. You will not lose any programing just make sure the panel is powered down before swapping the chips out. I recommend using a chip puller when pulling the old chip out
Hi: OK, I'm a little confused regarding the upgradability of my Honeywell/Ademco Vista 20P panel (not an ADT panel). It was installed in 2006 and is a v5.2 PROM. Can I upgrade to 10.3 without reprogramming and will it fully emulate the current Vista 20P panel functionality? The earlier posts suggest I can but the most recent one suggests I can not? Thanks.
On regular WA15P/20Ps, there was a board change starting with -2.0 panels that changed the amount of current available on trigger 1, allowed you to invert the trigger in programming and there may also have been a memory increase as well. For some reason, the panels before that board change won't work with TC2 if you try and PROM upgrade them. I'm not as clear on which ADT board/PROM can or can't be PROM upgraded when just looking at the WA version number but I know if you check field *79 in programming, using an alphanumeric keypad, you'll know if the panel can be PROM upgraded or not based on whether or not you can program the on-board triggers 17 and 18. This also assumes no one has yet PROM upgraded the system previously.
I have spent about 20 years in the security integration industry. I do, very faintly, remember a time about 10 or more years ago, remember with Honeywell had a TC 2.0 roll out and some panels wouldn't work. What is it about the 1.5 version that will not work? I don't believe there was a hardware change with the boards, unless a component changed on the board.
Hi Greg, I'm not sure of your background (are you in the industry?) but while you can PROM upgrade a WA3001 (which as you said is just an ADT branded VISTA-20P), the 1.5 versions are too old to be upgraded to the version that supports TC2 (which is what most people want out of a PROM upgrade) so that is why we said it is too old to be upgraded.
Sterling, The WA3001-1.5 is in fact a Honeywell Vista 20P panel, and an EPROM change can be done. The WA series are the panels that are specific to ADT. It is a simple chip change, as it would be on any other honeywell panel.
No, unfortunately, a chip that old can't be PROM upgraded. Your best bet would be to upgrade to a VISTA-21iP (with or without the backup cellular VISTA-GSM4G module). The 21iP is an 8-zone wired panel that has an on-board Ethernet connector that can be used for IP monitoring and/or TC2 services. Are you able to get an Ethernet cable run to the panel location from your router?
I have a "WA3001-1.5" "TM Rev. 1.5". Can I upgrade the chip/prom to something that supports Total Connect 2.0?
Yes, all of our plans support burglary, fire and CO monitoring without any added cost. If you have any other questions about the plans, please email so we can keep the conversation relevant to the PROM upgrade on this page.
thanks for the help if we want to change to your Alarm Monitoring do you offer Carbon Monoxide Monitoring? and can you confirm pricing on Fire and burglary also
Ah, okay, well the new PROM chip should get the panel up to a version that would make it UL 2075 compatible then. Feel free to order online and we'll ship it out to you.
Hi, from here
Where did you read that you need to use a panel that's version 7.0 or higher for full UL listing?
Okay, great. The new PROM will allow that system to use Total Connect 2.0 without needing to reprogram the system. We offer no-contract monitoring plans online at and nearly all of the plans include TC2 service.
we would like to 5800CO Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector and looking at 5800CO UL 2075 Compatibility it shows 7.0 or higher
Hi, Thanks we have Vista 20P alarm system with 5.20 PROM
Yes, we do. Feel free to order online at
Hi, do you have Rev 10.23 PROM chip for Vista-20P
Yes, you can upgrade a WA20P-5.2 PROM chip.
Hello, Can you upgrade the PROM chip in Vista 20P version WA20P 5.2 to the latest one or is that one too old for the upgrade?

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