How Do I Clear a Check 988 RF Jam On a Honeywell Lyric Controller?

You can clear a Check 988 RF Jam on a Honeywell Lyric Controller by stopping the source of the signal jam and arming and disarming the system. The Check 988 RF Jam trouble condition should clear after you disarm the system if the cause of the RF Jam condition has been properly addressed.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

RF jamming is a technique used by savvy intruders to try and defeat a security system. The technique involves constantly sending radio signals to the panel at a specific frequency to block sensors from communicating with the system. However, the Honeywell Lyric System is smart, and it can detect when this is happening. In the case of Check 988 RF Jam, someone is sending 345 MHz signals to the panel and therefore blocking Honeywell 5800 Sensors from communicating.

The Lyric System will display a Check 988 RF Jam trouble condition if the system detects a continuous 345 MHz signal that lasts 20 seconds or longer. Once the Lyric System detects interference from RF jamming it will go into a trouble condition. If the system is armed at this time, an alarm will occur. It is important to note that most RF Jam trouble conditions are not intentionally caused by intruders. Instead, they are usually the result of radio interference in the area. However, there are cases of RF jamming where a potential intruder is trying to stop the security system from functioning properly.

Note: A Check 988 RF Jam condition can only occur if the RF Jam feature is enabled for the system. This feature is enabled to log, by default. To disable or edit the feature, choose Security > Tools > enter Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > System Type > toggle the RF Jam setting > Save in the bottom-right corner. Please note that the following RF Jam setting options are available:

  • Disabled: RF Jam detection is turned off.
  • RF Jam Log: RF Jam detection is enabled, but the system will not report RF Jam troubles to a central station. This is the default setting.
  • RF Jam Log & Report: RF Jam detection is enabled, and the system will report RF Jam troubles to a central station.

Complete the following steps to clear a Check 988 RF Jam trouble from a Lyric:

1. Silence the Trouble. Press the Home button to silence the trouble beeping. This will let the Lyric System know that it has successfully alerted you to the trouble condition.

2. Stop the RF jam. In order to clear the 988 RF Jam trouble, you must stop the source of the jamming condition. This could be some radio or telephone equipment that is interfering with the panel. It's also possible that military or naval signals are causing the condition. This sometimes occurs when a system is located near a military or naval base. It can also occur near a port where Coast Guard or Navy ships may dock or come near the shore. In rare cases, a system transmitter may be malfunctioning and sending a constant signal to the system. If this occurs, you may need to remove the battery from each device until you determine which one is causing the issue. Regardless, you must determine the source of the transmission and either stop the interference or move your panel away from the interference.

3. Arm and disarm. Once the source of the problem has been addressed, you may then clear the trouble. This is done by arming and disarming. From the main screen of the Lyric, choose Security. Then choose Arm Away or Arm Stay. Then enter a valid code to arm. Once arming begins, then choose Disarm, and enter the same code to disarm. You will have successfully armed and disarmed the system.

4. Confirm the trouble clear. The trouble should clear after arming and disarming. If it hasn't, then return to Step 1, and make sure the source of the RF jam was properly addressed. Then arm and disarm to try again.

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