How Do I Connect a Wireless Shock Sensor to an Alarm System?

You can connect a wireless shock sensor to an alarm system by accessing its wireless enrollment mode and then activating the shock sensor to learn it in. The sensor must communicate at a frequency that is compatible with the panel. You must then configure the complete settings for the zone.

Honeywell 5819 wireless shock processor and sensor

Complete the following steps to connect a wireless shock sensor to an alarm system:

1. Access wireless enrollment mode. Your alarm panel should have a wireless enrollment mode for learning-in new sensors. You should access this mode if you want to enroll a new wireless shock sensor. The wireless enrollment mode for a panel is usually found within programming. You will most likely need to provide the system's Installer Code to access this mode. Please refer to your panel's installation manual for more information on how to enter its wireless enrollment mode.

2. Auto-enroll the sensor. With panel in its wireless mode, you can then activate the sensor to auto-enroll it. This can be done in a number of different ways depending upon the sensor and the panel. You may simply fault the shock sensor by shaking it. You might also activate the sensor's tamper cover by removing the back plate. Or you might press and hold an enrollment button on the shock sensor. You can refer to the sensor's installation manual for more information on enrollment. In any case, the wireless shock sensor should have batteries inserted during the process. The shock sensor will send a wireless signal to the panel to auto-enroll. The panel should recognize the sensor and learn it in. Remember, the sensor will need be within range of the panel to enroll successfully.

3. Configure zone settings. Go through and configure the settings for the zone. This will usually include providing a name for the sensor, setting the Response Type or Sensor Group, providing a Sensor Name or Zone Descriptor, setting a Loop Number and configuring alarm reporting options. The exact options will depend upon which panel is being used. Continue to the next step after you have set all of the options accordingly.

4. Save and exit. You will most likely need to save the zone settings for the changes to go into effect. Then you can follow the necessary steps to exit programming on the panel. If you decide to test the sensor, make sure to put your system on test mode with the central station

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