How Do I Connect My Android Phone to a Lyric Gateway?

A user can connect to a Lyric Gateway with an Andriod phone one of two ways - with Total Connect 2.0 and/or with the MyHome Gateway app.

The Lyric Gateway is the newest all in one system released by Honeywell. The Gateway is fully compatible with the Total Connect 2.0 service. Total Connect 2.0 is a web based application that can be accessed through a browser or with its downloadable app (available for free on iOS and Android app stores). Total Connect 2.0 grants users access to a wide range of remote control options. With the app a user can remotely arm and disarm the system and even load up a virtual keypad to manually enter codes and commands. New users can be added in the program and be pushed down, via Sync, to the panel. Total Connect 2.0 shows approximately 90 days of the most recent events that the system has experienced. Any Z-Wave devices mapped to the control panel, will appear in Total Connect 2.0, if enabled, and can be individually controlled or programmed into smart scenes. Additionally, each user has the ability to enter email addresses and/or phone numbers to which Total Connect 2.0 can send notifications of events as they occur. Every security event that occurs in the Gateway can be enabled or disabled to send notifications via Total Connect 2.0, and custom user groups can be created so only the desired notifications are sent to each group.

The Lyric Gateway has a free app to download called MyHome Gateway which can be found on the iOS and Android app stores. A user can edit panel users, arm and disarm the system, adjust certain system settings such as the volume and time, and include, then control, their home automation devices. A smart device, phone or tablet, with the app installed, will need to be connected to the same WIFI network as the Gateway in order to connect via the app. The Gateway can be connected to the network via WIFI or Ethernet. Instructions on how to setup the MyHome Gateway app can be found here. On Android devices, the MyHome Gateway app will never time out automatically, so you can use a dedicated tablet as a remote keypad for the Lyric Gateway, and leave the app running all the time.

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