How do I connect L5100-WIFI to a WIFI network?

The L5100-WIFI communicator can be used with the L5100, L5200 and L7000 LYNX Touch alarm systems. First you will want to install the WIFI unit into your LYNX panel. Here is a short video from Sterling:

**Please note: The L5100-WIFI only support 2.4GHz frequency WIFI networks. If you only have a 5GHz network running you will need to enable the 2.4GHz channel or get a router that does.**

After the WIFI unit is installed the next step is to configure it with your WIFI network. You will need to enter panel programming by issuing the following sequence: Tools > Installer Code > Program > Comm Diagnostics > Configure WIFI > Scan Access Points. If you do not see your network try rebooting your router and LYNX Touch. (Panel reboot: Tools > Installer Code > Test > Diagnostics > Reboot) If you do see your network then select it and click 'Join.' You will now need to select the encryption key type and click the 'Key' section down below. Now enter your WIFI password.

Here is quick video that walks you through the steps described above:

**Please note: The panel does not support special characters, only alphanumeric characters. If your password includes special characters, you will need to change your password to strictly alphanumeric. There is no work-around on this.**

After you are connected to your network find out: "How do I control my Honeywell L5200 LYNX alarm system via WIFI?"

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