How do I control my Honeywell L5200 via WIFI?

There are two ways to connect and control your L5200 LYNX Touch via the L5100-WIFI. If you are on the same WIFI network you can use a paid app called "LYNX Connect" to control the system. If you are looking for remote access you will need Total Connect 2.0. This is also an app but will allow you to control the alarm system from your smartphone, tablet and/or computer from anywhere in the world. Check out our free demo. Total Connect supports instantaneous text and email alerts including but not limited to arming, troubles, AC power loss, individual sensor faults, etc. You can also view live status of your zones even when the system is disarmed! You can bypass faulted zones and arm the system as well.

This application does incur a monthly cost and generally is tied to a Central Station monitoring service and a contract. We offer a no contract self-monitoring plan for $10 per month. This plan includes free tech support, remote programming and no activation fee. Get the most of your LYNX Touch and try Total Connect Today! You can also upgrade to our Monitoring Plus+ plan if you would like to have a Central Station monitor the system as well. This plan costs $20 per month and includes local authority dispatching on alarms and panics. Furthermore, we will send your insurance agent a certificate of alarm which will credit your home insurance and in some cases cover your monthly monitoring rates.

If you are looking for a new L5200 LYNX Touch and planning to add WIFI communications check out our L5200PK-WIFI kit. Its a great foundation for a new DIY friendly alarm system.

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Hi Guys, here it is September something and I just read that the Lynx Connect app is gone? I have a 5200 project and the key component was the app on a android tablet for my wife who is disabled. Finances prohibit and with no additional room to add to this project or upgrade to a newer panel or monitoring. Can someone give me a direction to this app as it seems every app downloader on the web is linked to the google store. Thanks...

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