How Do I Connect the FF345 to a Lyric Controller?

You can connect the FF345 to a Lyric Controller by accessing zone programming on the Lyric and then auto-enrolling the FF345 with the panel. Once the FF345 has been programmed, it can then be installed within a few inches of a hard-wired smoke detector. Test the FF345 after installation.

Encore firefighter ff345 circular smoke detector takeover moduleThe Encore FireFighter FF345 is an audio device that listens for the sound of a modern, hard-wired smoke detector. This device will allow you to integrate your existing hard-wired, high voltage smokes with your newer Honeywell Lyric Controller. When set up properly, the Lyric will recognize the FF345 in the same way that it would acknowledge a 5816 door and window contact. However, unlike the 5816, the FF345 will be programmed as a life-safety device that triggers a fire alarm when activated.

Complete the following steps to program a FireFighter FF345 to a Lyric Controller:

1. Access zone programming. From the home screen on the Lyric, go to Security > Tools > enter Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Zones. You will now be in zone programming.

2. Auto-Enroll the FF345. Click on a new zone to highlight it. Then select "Edit" at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Serial Number" field in the top left of the screen. on the screen, you'll see "Enter Serial No. or Activate Sensor". Be sure it shows RF Type 5800 at the lower right of the screen. The panel is now in learn mode.

Open up the FF345 by pressing the tab on the top of the device and pulling off its back cover. From there, fault the FF345 by pressing and holding its tamper switch for a few seconds and then releasing it. If successful, the Lyric will beep to indicate that it recognized the sensor. Do this three times to auto-enroll the FF345. The panel will make three beeps to acknowledge that the sensor has been auto-enrolled, and you will be taken back to the Edit screen for that zone on the Lyric.

The tamper switch for the FF345 can be seen in the picture below:

3. Adjust the settings. On the Edit screen for the zone, click on the field for Loop Number until it is set to Loop 2 (older V1 FF345). Or Loop 1 (newer V1.5 FF345). This is very important for ensuring that the FF345 will be properly recognized by the Lyric.

Next, use the Zone Descriptor fields to name the device. Once you have entered the name, click "Done" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click on "Device Type" and choose "Smoke Detector" to set the FF345 as a smoke detector. Then choose "Response Type", and set it to "Fire No Verification". These steps are needed for the FF345 to give the proper response when triggered. Alternatively, you can also set the Response Type to "Fire With Verification". Doing this will require the FF345 to be activated at least twice to trigger a fire alarm. This can be helpful for reducing false alarms when the FF345 is set up near a smoke that may be triggered accidentally, such as in a kitchen.

Once you have finished adjusting the settings, click "Save" in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then press the return button in the top right of the screen to back out to the main screen.

4. Install the device. Mount the device within six inches of a hard-wired smoke detector using double-sided sticky tape or screws. Make sure that the FF345 is steady and secure so that it won't fall down. The use of this device depends on the smokes having the "one-go, all-go" feature. Meaning if one smoke goes into alarm, all smokes will sound. Because of this, it is best to mount the FF345 near a smoke that is somewhat isolated from the others, so the sound of multiple smokes at once doesn't confuse the sensor.

5. Test the device. If the system is monitored, be sure to contact the monitoring station and put the system on test. You then have two options.

1. Be sure the FF345 has not been powered up for more than an hour. If it has, remove the batteries and re-install them. This puts the FF345 into test mode, and causes it to transmit after hearing just one round of temporal 3 fire sounding. Activate the siren on the smoke detector by testing it. Specific instructions for doing this should be available in its instruction manual. The smoke detector sounder should cause an alarm on the Lyric zone associated with the FF345. The Lyric will display the alarm zone to indicate that the FF345 was programmed with the panel properly. Disarm as usual to clear the alarm.

2. Perform a functional test of the smoke alarm by using canned smoke to cause a smoke alarm. Allow the alarm on the smoke to sound until the FF345 indicates an alarm to the Lyric panel. Once the alarm has been displayed, disarm as usual to clear the alarm message from the Lyric panel. When smoke clears the chamber on the smoke, it should stop sounding, but be sure to read the instructions on the smoke detector for proper testing, and to be sure compatible canned smoke is being used to simulate a fire.

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