How Do I Disable a 2GIG GC2?

You can disable a 2GIG GC2 by powering down the system. To do this, first open up the panel and disconnect the backup battery. Then unplug the AC transformer from the wall outlet.The 2GIG Go!Control will power down, and the functionality for the system will be completely disabled.

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The 2GIG Go!Control GC2 is just like other alarm systems in that it needs power to do anything. All of its functions will be disabled if it is not receiving power. By this logic, you can cut power to the system to disable it.

When the GC2 is powered down, it can't do anything. It can't produce sirens or chimes, and it cannot speak out any voice annunciations. The system also cannot send out communication signals to alert the end user or a central monitoring station during a burglary or fire. Additionally, all smart home functionality will be disabled.

A GC2 System that is powered down cannot actively provide monitoring service. As long as the system is powered off, it will be as though the end user is not monitored. In fact, the system won't even serve as a local noisemaker, since it can't even produce sirens and chimes.

However, this does nor necessarily mean that the user's monitoring plan is cancelled. The user will still be charged for monitoring If their alarm company is still facilitating monitoring service. Of course, this is a complete waste of money, as a user is essentially paying for a service they aren't using. if a user wants to cancel their alarm monitoring plan and stop paying for service, they should contact their monitoring company directly.

If you do decide that you want to completely disable your GC2, you can power it down by completing the following steps:

1. Disconnect the battery. Open up the GC2 Panel. Locate the backup battery and its connection with the GC2 board. Disconnect the battery from the board. This will cut battery power to the system.

2. Unplug the transformer. Locate the plug-in transformer connected with the GC2 System. The transformer may be connected with a wall outlet or power stip. Unplug the transformer to cut AC power. The system will power down after both battery power and AC power have been lost.

3. Confirm the shut down. Check the main GC2 screen. The screen should be blank, and there should be no lights on the system. This indicates that the system has powered down and is now disabled. If you want to re-enable the system, you should restore AC power through the plug-in transformer before reconnecting the backup battery.

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