How Do I Disable a 2GIG GC3?

You can disable a 2GIG GC3 by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the AC transformer to power it off. A GC3 System cannot do anything while it is shut down and not receiving power. The system will remain disabled until you power it back on. Then it will function like normal.

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenAn alarm system is only functional when it is powered on. The GC3 Security System is no exception. It needs power to activate chimes and produce voice annunciations when sensors are activated. The system's communicator also requires power to send signals to This is necessary for receiving automatic emergency dispatch from a central monitoring station and receiving any text or email alerts regarding system events.

The GC3 System will power off if it is not receiving any transformer or battery power. When this happens, the screen will go completely blank, and no panel lights will be illuminated. There are situations where a user would want to temporarily power off their panel. For example, a user should power down their GC3 System before making any hardware changes. They might also power cycle their panel as a necessary troubleshooting step.

If you want to power down your GC3, it is best practice to disconnect the backup battery before cutting AC power. Likewise, you should apply AC power before reconnecting the backup battery when powering the system back on. Keep in mind that even though powering down the GC3 disables the system for monitoring, it does not put a stop to the user's monitoring service. While the system might not be doing anything, the end user will still be charged for monitoring if their service remains active. Users who want to disable their monitoring plan should speak with their monitoring company.

To power down your GC3 and disable the system, complete the following steps:

1. Disconnect battery power. Open up the GC3 Panel. Locate the backup battery connector that plugs into the panel. Disconnect the backup battery from the board. If you would like, you can close the panel.

2. Unplug the transformer. Locate the AC transformer connected from the GC3. Unplug the transformer to cut power to the system. The system will shut down now that it is lacking both AC and battery power.

3. Confirm the shut down. Check the GC3 System. The screen should be completely blank, and there should no lights. This indicates that the system is completely powered down. If you want to power it back on later, make sure to connect the transformer before plugging in the backup battery.

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