How Do I Disable Chime On A Lyric Controller?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller provides the option to chime when a protected zone is opened while the system is disarmed.

To disable the Chime on the Lyric Controller, make sure the system is disarmed > select Settings from the Home Screen > Chime > De-Select > Save.

By selecting De-Select this will disable both Chime and Voice Annunciations. Users have the option to disable Voice Annunciations and keep Chime only by selecting De-Select Voice > Save.

When Chime is enabled and a protected zone is opened while the system is disarmed, 3 beeps will sound at the Controller. Users can also change the beep to a selected sound. A different sound can be selected for motion detectors and each door and window sensor. Smoke detectors and CO detectors sound cannot be changed.

To change the beep to a sound > Home > Security > Zones > Select All and the list of zones will come up. Select the zone and a menu of sounds will appear . Press the desired sound > press the return to save.

Voice Annunciations can also be enabled to announce which protected zone is opened while the system is disarmed. Example - if someone opens the front door, the controller will beep 3 times or sound the selected sound and announce “Front Door”.

Users can also adjust the volume of the Chimes and Voice Announcements by sliding the slide bar > press Save.

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Is it faulting at all and showing when somebody walks in front of the motion? Is this a SiXPIR or 5800 series motion? Send me screenshot of zone programming so I can confirm proper loop/service setting. It might be worth confirming the serial/MAC is correct as well.
Yes, in the box where it says "chime", I have it set to Ascend Long........
A perimeter motion should chime. Are you sure the chime is enabled on the zone programming selection for this specific zone? It is not enabled by default on motion detector zones.
Doors and windows chime when opened in disarmed state, volume is ok......does it matter what the motion is set to? I have mine set to perimeter as I want instant triggering when armed........
Yes it absolutely should chime. I tested a motion set as a motion detector on interior follower and it chimes when faulted. Now it will only fault once every 3 minutes due to the transmission lockout but it still chimes. Are your other doors chiming? Maybe your global chime setting is disabled or volume is down?
I did test by entering garage while someone else was at panel to listen for chime.....I knew about the sleep function, exited garage then three minutes later, re-entered, still no chime at the panel.....I may try to position the switch to trip for a shorter interval......But the bottom line for my purposes is there should be a chime, right? The garage is detached, about 20-30 ft from house....I saw nothing indicating an issue with signal from motion sensor...chime is enabled for the zone the sensor is in..
It sounds like you do not have chime enabled on that specific zone. Also the motion will go to sleep after it is tripped when disarmed which makes it difficult to test. You can always pop it open and removed the battery. After putting the battery back in the motion will not have the battery saving transmission lockout feature enabled. You can trigger it several times in a row for testing.
It is located inside the garage, Device type:Motion Sensor, and chime is enabled for the zone.........Sorry, in my original post I said it was on my garage, could have been misleading.......
Ah ok. If this is mounted outside just be aware of false alarms. Which device type do you have the zone set on? Do you have the chime enabled locally on that specific zone?
Thanks for the response, Frank.....I was hoping to have it report an alarm when armed and chime when not.....BTW I have it set to perimeter to have it trip the alarm immediately if armed and faulted....
How is the motion configured? I recommend "Garage" for device type and "Garage Monitor" for response type. Then you can configure it to fault and chime on the keypad each time. Just to be clear, this will not report an alarm if it is tripped when armed.
I have a 5800PIR OD on my garage which I have set to chime when is paired with a Lyric does not chime when faulted......Any ideas??? thanks.....

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