How do I disable the sound on my VISTA 21iP's keypads?

You can globally disable chime on all keypads on your Honeywell VISTA-21iP by pressing the master code followed by 9. This will toggle chime mode altogether. If it is disabled it will enabled and vice versa. If you are looking to disable chime on a single keypad you will need to first figure out the address of the keypad. Press and hold 1 and 3 simultaneously until you see "CON ADDR =." The number showing is the address of the keypad. Make sure you do this for all the keypads so if you have to readdress or add a new keypad you will know which ones are available.

Use the field programming on page 4-11 of the VISTA-21iP installation guide in order to enable and alter sound selections on keypads 2 through 8 (addresses 17 through 23). Any keypad set to these addresses can be configured to suppress arm/disarm, entry/exit delay warnings and chime beeps. If you are looking to suppress the chime on a specific keypad you would enter programming by entering your installer code followed by 800. Once you see "installer code 20" or "20" on the display, enter the proper field for the particular keypad address (see chart below for specific fields based on the keypad address). Then select the partition number followed by the sound selection seen below.

Let's say that you have a keypad on partition 1 set to address 17 and you would like to disable chime only. Punch in *190 followed by 1 (for partition selection) and then 2 (suppress chime only). Then enter *99 to properly exit programming.

Here are the programming fields required to configure a keypad:

*190 = Keypad address 17

*191 = Keypad address 18

*192 = Keypad address 19

*193 = Keypad address 20

*194 = Keypad address 21

*195 = Keypad address 22

*196 = Keypad address 23

Sound selections are as follows:

0 = no suppression (chime, arm/disarm and entry/exit beeps enabled)

1 = suppress arm/disarm and entry/exit beeps (only chime enabled)

2 = suppress chime beeps (only arm/disarm and entry/exit enabled)

3 = suppress arm/disarm, entry/exit and chime beeps (no sound at all)

** Please note that address 16 does not support sound suppression. If your keypad is set to 16, enable an available keypad address by following the instructions below. Then reboot your panel and use the keypad's install guide to address the unit to the newly enabled selection. For example, if your system has 3 keypads that are currently set to 16 - 18 you can enable keypad address 19 based on the instructions below. Then reboot the panel and address the keypad that was set to 16 to address 19. **

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