How do I address a 6150 or 6160 to my VISTA-21iP?

On the Honeywell VISTA-21iP, keypad address 16 is enabled by default and you cannot suppress sound at all. The first keypad you address will be assigned to address 16. You will need to reboot the entire VISTA alarm system by removing AC power and battery. Then press and hold the 1 and 3 keys simultaneously within 50 seconds. You will see CON ADDR = 31. The most common keypads are the 6160 and 6150. For these, press 00 to clear out the default 31 address. Then enter the desired address number followed by the star * key. Now your first keypad is set to address 16.

If you are looking to add more than one keypad or want to suppress sound on your first keypad you will need to first enable another keypad address in programming. Although address 16 is open by default, addresses 17 through 23 require programming to enable them. Using the already addressed primary keypad, enter programming by entering the installer code (default is 4112) followed by 800. You will see "installer code 20" or "20" on the screen.

See page 4-11 of the VISTA-21iP installation guide (see chart below) to choose the proper field to enable the next keypad address. Generally you will want to assign keypads in chronological order. So address *190 would allow to you enable keypad address 17. After that you can enable *191. You do not have to do them in order, but it makes things easier.

*190 = Keypad address 17

*191 = Keypad address 18

*192 = Keypad address 19

*193 = Keypad address 20

*194 = Keypad address 21

*195 = Keypad address 22

*196 = Keypad address 23

After you enter the proper field number you will need to assign a partition number and a sound selection for the keypad. Most panels only use a single partition and zones are mapped to partition 1 by default. So enter 1 after the field number. Use the sound selection chart below to choose the sound setting that you wish.

0 = no suppression (chime, arm/disarm and entry/exit beeps enabled)

1 = suppress arm/disarm and entry/exit beeps (only chime enabled)

2 = suppress chime beeps (only arm/disarm and entry/exit enabled)

3 = suppress arm/disarm, entry/exit and chime beeps (no sound at all)

After you enter *190 + partition + sound, you will get put back into the main programming menu and you should "enter * or #." Press *99 to properly exit programming. Now that we have enabled the new address we need to address the keypad. Reboot the panel by removing battery and power then press and hold 1 and 3 simultaneously until you see "CON ADDR = 31." Enter 00 followed the newly enabled address number. For example, enter 00 + 17 + star. Then give the keypad a moment to boot up.

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