How Do I Disarm My 2GIG Edge?

You can disarm your 2GIG Edge by first having the system armed, then clicking the Disarm button, and then providing either a valid user code, the system's Master Code, or programmed facial biometric information (aka, a programmed face) for a user that has facial recognition set as active.

Before we tell you how to disarm the traditional way, which is locally at the panel, you can also disarm remotely through using the mobile app or an approved web browser. In order to disarm through, the system must be actively monitored with a monitoring plan that includes access to But for local disarming at the panel, it doesn't matter whether the system is actively monitored or otherwise. Just remember that without alarm monitoring, the panel won't be able to report out in the event of an alarm.

If you want to disarm through, then you can open the mobile app or access the website, login to your account, and with your system currently in an armed state, there will be prominent option to disarm the system with the press of a button. But for the steps below, we focus exclusively on disarming locally at the panel.

Also note that you can disarm the 2GIG Edge through Automatic Bluetooth Disarming. This will have the 2GIG Edge automatically disarm once a Bluetooth-connected phone is detected after an Entry/Exit Zone is faulted on the system. The disarm will immediately occur upon the Entry/Exit Zone being faulted, as long as the Bluetooth Phone is properly configured, and properly connected/detected by the panel. Please note though that this will only happen in Armed Away mode. Automatic Bluetooth Disarming cannot occur when the system is Armed Stay mode. More information on the Automatic Bluetooth Disarming feature for the 2GIG Edge can be found here.

Complete the following steps to disarm the 2GIG Edge locally at the panel:

1. Arm the system. You can only disarm the 2GIG Edge if it's already in an armed state. If you want, you can arm the system through Or you can arm at the panel by clicking the Arm Stay or Arm Away buttons. The system will arm, following the Entry Delay countdown.

2. Click disarm. Press the big red Disarm button to begin the disarming process.

3. Verify your identity. The system needs to know that you are a legitimate user with the proper authority to disarm the system. You can verify your identity by entering the system's Master Code (default 1111, but almost always changed), entering a valid user code, or by activating the Facial Recognition feature with programmed "facial biometric information", also referred to as, your face.

4. Confirm the disarm. Check and confirm that the Edge has successfully disarmed. You have disarmed the Edge!

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