How do I enable a wireless receiver on a 6160RF Keypad?

The Honeywell 6160RF alphanumeric keypad has a built-in wireless receiver that will allow you to add the maximum amount of wireless zones to your alarm control panel. To determine how many wireless zones your particular Honeywell security system will support, please read our FAQ on how many wireless sensors are supported by a 6160RF keypad.

When enabling the wireless receiver of you 6160RF, the installation guide that is included with the 6160RF is a wealth of information and should be in front of you during the install.

If you don't have the installation guide, follow these simple steps to enable your wireless receiver. First, you need to address your 6160RF to your panel. Enter programming by pressing 1 and 3 simultaneously on the keypad within 60 seconds of powering up. The keypad should display CON ADDRESS = 31 as 31 is the default keypad address. You will need to change that address to the correct address for your alarm system. After you enter the 2 digit address, you will need to press star (*). Now, you will be at the programming prompt for enabling your 6160RF wireless receiver. The screen will display RECEIVER ON [0 = OFF]. Press 1 and then the * key to enable the receiver. Next, you will need to choose an address for the wireless receiver. Refer to your panel's installation guide for available addresses for the wireless receiver. Keep in mind most panels will use '00'. Once you have enabled the RF receiver and assigned it an address, you can press the * key twice to save the setting. You will now be able to pair any Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices to the system.

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