How many wireless transmitters can a 6160RF support?

A Honeywell 6160RF alarm keypad contains a wireless receiver for an unlimited number of Honeywell wireless transmitters. The only limitation to that is the Honeywell alarm control panel that the 6160RF is connected to. The 6160RF can handle as many wireless sensors as can be programmed into the Honeywell alarm control panel it is being used with. For example, the Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel can be programmed with (40) maximum wireless expansion zones, therefore a 6160RF used with a Vista-20P can handle up to 40 wireless transmitters.

Honeywell Control Panel Max. Wireless Expansion Zones
Vista-10P 16
Vista-15P 26
Vista-20P 40
Vista-21iP 40
Vista-50P 85
Vista-128BPE 127
Vista-250BPE 249

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Awesome, glad we were able to help. Let us know if you need anything else and please check out our no-contract monitoring services online at
I reset the panel (*97)...addressed the receiver as 00 and enrolled all transmitters. All seems to be working normal now. thanks again for the great responses and is a wealth of useful information!
Did you have the cover off when testing the internal contacts with loop 1? If so, the CHECK XX message was just a tamper trouble caused by faulting the sensor with the cover off.
Thanks again for the replies...however, I am still banging my head. I connected a wired switch to loop 1. Same result when opening the loop 1 actually sends a CHECK xx for the zone. So...both loop 1 and loop 2 are causing this error. I have reset to defaults and started over with no luck. To answer your question, I purchased the 5815s from my local Honeywell distributor. I do not think I will have any trouble exchanging them but it is hard to believe that 5 switches would be bad...I can verify they haven't been dropped since I had them working previously. Have I missed something completely obvious? Thank you
If it works when wiring a switch to the internal contacts and switching the loop to loop 1, that would confirm my suspicion that your internal reed switches are all damaged. Did you buy these online somewhere? Simply dropping a sensor (even with it in its box) could potentially break the reed switch.
5815. I have several transmitters that this is occurring to. These are brand new with (what I assume are) new batteries. I have not tried installing a wired switch to loop 1, enrolling it and seeing if the same error happens. I will try that and report back here... Thanks again
Are you 100% SURE it's a 5815? Couldn't be a 5814? Is it square or rectangular?
It sounds like the internal reed switch may be bad then. If they are programmed to loop 2 but not restoring a fault when the magnet is properly aligned, I would try a new sensor.
Hi. Thank you for the quick response....I must say, this site is full of great information...very much appreciated. Yes, all 5815s are on loop 2...I have also changed the magnet orientation and distance from transmitter. Still...whenever exiting programming or a power cycle, when a switch is tripped, it sends a FAULT code and stays. I have reviewed programming and everything in *56 looks correct. Any other advice?
Are you sure you have the magnets properly aligned? A 5815 should be programmed on loop 2 (unless you are wiring a wired contact into the 5815) so the only reason you'd have a fault otherwise is if the sensor isn't detecting a magnet.
Vista 20P panel, 6160RF keypad, Tuxedo WIFI keypad Have added 5815 contacts (zones 10-17)...after successfully enrolling the 5815, exiting programming and power cycling panel, the keypad beeps and shows FAULT ZONE xx when a door is opened. The only way to clear the error is to power cycle the panel again. I have confirmed that the 5815 is enrolled as Loop 2. Any suggestions? Thank you in advanced...

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