How Do I Add GD00Z-8-GC Garage CNTRL to ProA7/ProA7Plus?

To enroll the GD00Z-8-GC to a Honeywell Home PROA7 or PROA7PLUS first write down the DSK Pin from the GD00Z. Next, install the GD00Z hardware. Put the panel into Z-Wave learn mode, and press the Link button on the GD00Z. Enter the S2 Pin at the panel, wait up to 25 seconds for it to finish.

The GoControl GD00Z-8-GC (hereafter referred to as GD00Z) is a Z-Wave Plus garage door control device. It comes with its own garage door tilt sensor, which reports the state of the overhead door back to the GD00Z. If the GD00Z is not able to communicate with its tilt sensor to determine the garage door's actual status, it will not attempt to open or close the door, and will report an error to the alarm panel. This also means that if a user intends to monitor the garage door as a burglary access point, they will need to add their own sensor that will communicate the door's status back to the alarm system. Alternatively, if a user already has a sensor monitoring the overhead garage door for the alarm system, they still MUST install the tilt sensor that comes with the GD00Z garage door controller.

The GD00Z operates by providing a momentary short via a relay output to a hardware input on the garage door motor. It is not a garage door open/close motor itself. When the existing garage door motor senses the momentary short provided by the GD00Z, it toggles the state of the garage door. That means if the door is closed, it will be opened. If the door is open at the time the short is sensed, then the door will close. Some newer, smart garage doors may not operate in this way, which makes the GD00Z incompatible with those garage door motors. Chamberlain/LiftMaster doors with MyQ technology often do not support this type of operation, but they have their own ways of allowing remote control using native network capable equipment.

The most important thing to do first, before mounting any of the GD00Z-8-GC hardware is to make note of the S2 DSK (Device Specific Key) security code from the Z-Wave Plus sticker on the back of the main unit. You can either write down the number, or better yet, take a picture of it. The S2 DSK will be 5 digits in length, and will be underlined on the Z-Wave Plus sticker, as shown below. This is the only place the code is available, so if you don't get it before mounting the hardware, it will be covered up when you get to the point where you need it:

To pair the GD00Z-8-GC with the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS or PROA7, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve S2 DSK. The Z-Wave Plus sticker on the back of the GD00Z has the S2 DSK Security Pin. Write it down or take a picture of it prior to installing the hardware near the garage door motor. Failure to retrieve this information before mounting the hardware may cause you to have to remove the hardware in order to retrieve it.

  2. Mount the hardware. Follow the instructions that come with the GD00Z for proper hardware mounting. As a rule, the GD00Z can be mounted right next to the garage door motor, where there is usually an available 120 Volt AC outlet. Alternatively, if the garage door motor has a doorbell type push button that can be used to control the garage door, usually mounted near a door to the inside of the house for attached garages, or next to a man-sized door leading out for detached garages, the GD00Z can be mounted and wired in parallel with this button.

    Mount the tilt sensor included with the GD00Z toward the top of the garage overhead door to be controlled. Be sure that the visible arrow on the outside of the tilt sensor is pointed up when the tilt sensor is mounted. Full instructions for this are included with the GD00Z-8-GC Install Guide. Once the GD00Z and the tilt sensor have been installed, open and close the Garage Door twice using the Garage Door Push Button. This will synchronize the tilt sensor and the GD00Z.

  3. Exclude the device. Once the GD00Z has power, put the Pro Series panel into Exclusion Mode. Do so by pressing the three (3) horizontal bars at the bottom of the panel touchscreen, or any PROWLTOUCH keypad. Then Devices > Z-Wave Management > enter the Installer Code (default 4112) or the Master Code (default 1234) > Exclusion Mode. A message will appear letting you know you're in Exclusion Mode and that the system is ready to exclude devices. Press and release the Link button on the GD00Z. The panel should return a message letting you know that an unknown device has been excluded. Press Done to exit Exclusion Mode. This is sometimes necessary to clear invalid network data from a device that was tested at the factory. There is no way to know if this step needs to be done or not, so it's best to just begin with it.

  4. Include the device. After pressing Done, the Pro Series Panel will return to the Z-Wave Management screen. From here, choose Inclusion Mode. A message will appear on the panel or keypad display letting you know it has entered Z-Wave Inclusion Mode. Once again, press and release the Link button on the GD00Z-8-GC. The GD00Z will beep once and the red LED should flash. On the panel screen, a message will appear asking you to enter the S2 DSK Service Pin from the GD00Z. Enter the 5-digit number you retrieved in Step 1. The GD00Z should beep three (3) times. This indicates that it has exited the inclusion mode. The panel will show 0 Devices Included. This is because the panel hasn't completed verifying the S2 information yet. This can take up to 20 seconds, so please be patient. Once the information is confirmed, the screen will show:

    From here, press Done, then return to the main screen by pressing the yellow shield icon in the lower right of the panel or keypad touchscreen.

  5. Verify Operation. Press the 3 horizontal bars at the bottom of the touchscreen on the panel or touchscreen keypad, then select Devices > All Devices and scroll through until you find the garage door. The screen should show the correct door status. If you press the garage door icon, the door should toggle to the opposite state, so if the door is closed, pressing the garage door icon should open it. Once you verify that the status and operation are working as they should, you can manually control the garage door from the system, or from Total Connect 2.0 (if you subscribe). You can also now set up automation rules that include the garage door.

    Remember, if at any time the GD00Z and the tilt sensor stop communicating with one another, the GD00Z will cease to attempt to control the garage door, and will display an error within the devices screen at the panel, and in Total Connect 2.0, if subscribed. You'll need to correct this issue before the garage door can be controlled remotely again.

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