How Do I Enroll a Schlage Z-Wave Lock on an Interlogix Simon XT?

You can enroll a Schlage Z-Wave lock on an Interlogix Simon XT by putting the system into Z-Wave inclusion mode and then activating the inclusion function on the lock. Please note that a Z-Wave controller must be added to the system before it will be able to support any Z-Wave devices.

Complete the following steps to enroll a Schlage Z-Wave lock on an Interlogix Simon XT:

1. Enter system programming. Starting from the main screen of the Simon XT, use the up and down arrows to scroll between different menu options. Once the option "System Programming" is displayed, press the "OK" button. Next, provide the Installer Code for the system. The default code is 4321. Once you have entered the code, press the "OK" button. You will then enter the System Programming Menu.

2. Activate Z-Wave inclusion mode. From the System Programming Menu, press the up arrow once so that the screen displays "Interactive Services". Then press the "OK" button. Press the down arrow once so that "Z-Wave Setup" is displayed. Then press the "OK" button. Press the down arrow again to display "Add Z-Wave Device". Press the "OK" button. The screen will read "Press button on device to add...". This message indicates that the system is now in its Z-Wave inclusion mode.

3. Include the lock. Activate the inclusion function on the Z-Wave lock. Some Schlage locks will require you to enter in a special code on the keypad. Others may have a Z-Wave inclusion button somewhere on the device. Check the instruction manual for the lock to find out how to activate its inclusion function. After activating the inclusion function, the panel should acknowledge that the device has been found and added to the network. A device number will be displayed on the screen once this has occurred.

Please note that you may need to clear the lock before it can be successfully added to the network. Some Z-Wave locks are included with a network before they even leave the factory, for testing purposes. To clear the lock, put the system in its exclusion mode (at "Z-Wave Setup" press the down arrow twice, at "Remove Z-Wave Device" press "OK") at "Press button on device to remove..." activate the inclusion function on the lock. This will exclude it from the network, and clear out any previously learned network information. You should then be able to successfully include the lock into the Z-Wave network following the steps above.

4. Exit programming and test. Once the lock has been included, keep pressing the "Status" button on the Simon XT until you are returned to the main screen. Any programming changes that were made will be saved automatically. You will then want to test the Z-Wave lock to make sure that it is functioning properly. You can use the interactive service or an Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad to conduct the test. Make sure that you can successfully lock and unlock the device. Also make sure that a valid system user code can successfully unlock the lock from the outside. If it passes these tests, then the Schlage lock was programmed properly.

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