How Do I Enroll the PG9312 Outdoor Contact w/ the IQ Panel 2 Plus?

You can enroll the PG9312 Outdoor Contact with the IQ Panel 2 Plus by putting the panel the panel in its auto-enrollment mode and then powering on the PG9312. You will need to open up the sensor using a flat head screwdriver. You will also need to know the Installer Code for the panel.

Please note that you can only use the PG9312 with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus System that is running Firmware Version 2.4.0 or higher. This is because older IQ Panel 2 Plus Systems had an issue that made this particular sensor incompatible. Qolsys fixed the issue in Firmware Version 2.4.0. If you would like to learn more about this compatibility issue, then please check out this FAQ.

The DSC PG9312 Outdoor Contact is a PowerG Sensor that is perfect for outdoor use. Its weather-resistant exterior will keep out any dust or rain that could damage other sensors. As a PowerG Sensor, it will work with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus from up to 2,000 feet away, and it uses 128-bit AES encryption to prevent hacking or takeover attempts. It also offers a large magnet spacing gap of up to 1.75 inches. You can also use it as a wireless transmitter for a single hardwired contact.

Assuming that your Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus is running Firmware Version 2.4.0 or higher, complete the following steps to enroll the PG9312 with the system:

1. Open the sensor. Use a small flat head screwdriver to remove the outer cover from the sensor. There should be a small tab on the side of the sensor where you can insert a small flat head screwdriver. You want to get under the cover and carefully pry the cover off. This can be seen in the following picture:

2. Enter auto-enrollment mode. It is now time to put your IQ Panel 2 Plus System into its auto-enrollment mode. Start from the main screen of the system. Click the small grey bar at the top. Choose Settings > Advanced Settings > enter Installer Code (default 1111) > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Auto-Learn Sensor. Your panel is now in its auto-enrollment mode.

3. Power on the sensor. The PG9312 auto-enrolls with the a system by powering on. To power on the sensor, you must either remove the battery tab or insert new batteries. If the battery tab has not been removed yet, you can simply pull it out. If you need to insert new batteries, then you will have to first remove the inner battery cover using a Phillips screwdriver.

4. Confirm enrollment. You should get a message on the IQ Panel 2 Plus screen that the PowerG Sensor is trying to enroll. Confirm that the Serial Number is correct, and press OK to confirm.

5. Configure the zone settings. It is now time to configure the zone settings. You do not need to change the Sensor DL ID, as it should be correct from auto-enrollment. The Sensor Type should be Door/Window. Set the Sensor Group based on how you want the system to respond when the sensor is faulted. A full list of Sensor Groups can be found in this FAQ. Assuming you are using the sensor as a door contact, set the Sensor Input to Reed Switch, otherwise choose the appropriate auxiliary option.

You can set the sensor to be disabled when the system is Disarmed to prevent faults from showing up while the system is disarmed. This is optional. For Sensor Name, choose something that will allow you to easily identify the sensor. Choose the Chime Type you want the system to make when the sensor is faulted. Set Voice Prompts to On or Off depending on your preference. Keep the Source set at PowerG.

6. Save and test. Click Add New at the bottom to finish adding the sensor. This will automatically save your changes. You can then press the picture of the house at the bottom of the panel to return to the main screen. You should then test the sensor by separating the magnet from the sensor to fault it. The fault should be displayed on the screen. Then restore the zone by aligning the magnet with the sensor. The fault should clear from the system. If you can fault and restore successfully, then the sensor is working properly. Please note that you will need to Arm the system first before testing if you enabled the Sensor Disabled During Disarm selection.

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