How Do I Exclude My Schlage Z-Wave Lock?

You can exclude your Schlage Z-Wave Lock by putting your Z-Wave controller or hub into its exclusion mode and activating the enrollment function for the lock. The lock will send a signal to the Z-Wave hub to clear it from the network. You can then pair the lock with a new Z-Wave network.

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Clearing the lock is a necessary step before trying to pair the device with a Z-Wave network. Many brand-new locks are paired with a network for testing purposes before even leaving the factory. By clearing the lock first, you can be sure that the lock will pair successfully later. The exclusion process is completed using the Programming Code that is found on a white sticker beneath the device's main cover. We strongly recommend saving this code and writing it down. You will need this code in the future when you go to enroll or exclude the device.

Complete the following steps to exclude your Schlage Z-Wave Lock:

1. Enter exclusion mode. Activate the exclusion mode for your Z-Wave controller or hub. If you are using a wireless all-in-one security system, then there may be an Automation Menu for doing this. You should check the installation manual for your Z-Wave controller or hub to determine the exact process for entering exclusion mode. Continue once you have successfully entered the exclusion mode for the controller or hub.

2. Clear the lock. On your Schlage Z-Wave Lock, start by activating the keypad. Then enter in the Programming Code found on the white sticker underneath the device's main cover. After you have entered the code, an orange light will appear next to the [0] key. Press the [0] key to confirm. The lock will transmit a signal to the controller or hub. The Z-Wave controller will then clear the lock from the network. You should receive confirmation on the Z-Wave controller or hub that a device has been cleared. Keep in mind that you may need to have the lock in close proximity to the controller or hub for the signal to go through successfully.

You can see an example of the Programming Code sticker in the following picture. Remember that each lock will use a different Programming Code. The one shown in the picture is not the one used with your lock.

3. Pair the lock. You will now be able to successfully pair the lock with a new Z-Wave network. This is done by putting the Z-Wave controller or hub into its inclusion mode and then activating the same inclusion function on the lock using the Programming Code. We recommend reviewing this FAQ for more information on including a Schlage Z-Wave Lock into a Z-Wave network.

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SMart things should have a removed if failed option not familiar with smart thing but most hubs have a removed failed option.
When your Schlage connect goes on the fritz and won't turn on even with brand new batteries (has happened with 2 separate units), how do you remove it from smart things? It doesn't seem to want to let you remove any z wave devices without excluding it using the instructions that came with the unit. That's great if your IOT device is working properly, but impossible when they're bricked.
Thanks! After a dozen tries I was able to move my Schlage lock form Wink to Ring.
You're able to exclude the lock by going through the process on a different Z-Wave controller. You do not need to exclude the lock from the controller that it was initially included into.
How would you execute the exclusion process if the home automation hub is no longer working?

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