How Do I Exit the VISTA 21iP's Programming?

You can exit the VISTA 21iP's programming by using the [*99] command. This command will allow the user to re-enter programming later. A user should never use any command other than [*99] to exit programming. Using a different command could cause them to become locked out of programming.

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On a Honeywell VISTA 21iP, programming mode is used for making deep-level changes to the system's settings and configurations. A user accesses programming mode by entering the command [Installer Code] + [800]. Since the Installer Code is normally kept at its default of 4112, the command is usually 4112800. A user will know that they have entered programming because the keypad will display either "Installer Code 20" or just "20".

Once a user is in programming, they will access different programming fields. To access a programming field, a user will press the [*] key, followed by the two-digit programming field number. Within programming, there is a special command for exiting programming. This is the [*99] command. If a user presses [*99] and accesses that programming field, they will exit programming and return to the main screen.

However, [*99] is not the only way to exit programming. There's also the [*98] command. This input will also have the VISTA 21iP exit programming. But unlike the [*99] command, the [*98] command will utilize the lockout settings that are set in the [*88] programming field. If a user exits using [*98], they might have a difficult time getting back in later. They would either have to use the backdoor method, or they might be permanently locked out of programming. For that reason, an end user should never use [*98] to exit programming, and they should never adjust the default [*88] programming field. Only use [*99] to exit programming.

If you need to program a Honeywell VISTA 21iP Complete the following steps:

1. Enter programming. Access programming using the command [Installer Code] + [800]. If the Installer Code is at its default, the command will be 4112800. You will know that you have accessed programming because the keypad will display "Installer Code 20" or "20". If you have an Alphanumeric keypad, the screen will display "Installer Code 20". If you have a Fixed English keypad, the screen will display "20". You should only make deep-level programming changes if you have an Alphanumeric keypad.

2. Program the system. Program the system by accessing the appropriate programming field. You can access a programming field by pressing [*], followed by the two-digit programming field number. So if you had to access Zone Programming, which is field 56, you would enter [*56]. Then enter the appropriate commands for that programming field. Remember, if you are making deep-level programming changes, you should only do so using an Alphanumeric keypad. Do not attempt to make blind changes to the system using a Fixed English keypad, as you could severely affect the settings.

3. Exit programming. When you have finished programming, press [*99] to exit. You will then be able to access programming again later by following the process outlined in Step 1.

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