How do I get into programming mode on my VISTA-21iP?

In order to get into programming on your VISTA-21iP you need to enter your installer code followed by 800. The default installer code is 4112 so on a new panel you would enter: 4112 + 800. If you are not sure of your installer code, you can try the default listed above or use the back door method. **

Reboot the panel > Within 50 seconds of rebooting press and hold the * and # keys simultaneously

The back door method allows you to get into programming without the installer code. Simply do a hard reboot on the panel by removing a battery connection and pulling the AC transformer from your receptacle. You may need a screwdriver to remove the screw holding the transformer into your wall plate. Do not remove the power connections from the panel since it is live and can damage the panel if shorted. After you have removed battery and power the keypad(s) should be dead. Now reboot by applying battery followed by AC power. During the reboot cycle press and hold the * (star) and # (pound) keys simultaneously for 3 full seconds.

If you successfully get into programming you would see "installer code 20" if you have an alphanumeric keypad or "20" if you have a fixed english keypad. The alpha keypad will allow you to enter sub-menus such as *56 zone programming and *29 communicator programming while the fixed english is limited to viewing only the basic programming selections. See the VISTA-21iP programming guide for other programming fields. First reset the installer code by pressing *20 followed by the 4 digit user code. You will hear a beep if it takes. If not try another code as it may already be in use. You can reset other user codes after you have the installer code.

**Please note: The back door method only allows you back into programming if the last installer exited using the *98 or *99 exit commands. It is possible for installers to exit using *98 after changing programming field *88 which locks you out of keypad programming completely.**

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Hi Larry, What is the 'WA' number on your VISTA-21iP PROM chip? Also there should be a small rectangular sticker at the top edge of the board with a letter and then 3 numbers after it on the bottom left of the sticker. Can you email us that information at referencing this page so we can help you?
When I switch the jumper to internal IP on the GSM. And enter the programming then *29 and 1* then 1* for programming it stays blank for ever till I reboot. I tried to press the top and bottom quick alarm buttons and no luck. If I put the jumper back to 2and 3 for external I can get back into the programming but cant change the IP GSM to internal. No fields will show up. I am sure the jumper had to be enabled to internal to see this. How can I get the locked blank screen to work properly?
Glad to hear the issue was resolved. If there is anything else you need feel free to give us a call at 888-818-7728.
Hi Dylan, Thank you so much for your reply. There was only 1 wire on term 6 and 1 wire on term 7. After your response, I decided to do another continuity check and noticed that the 6160 cover mounted to the wall was slightly ajar. After unclipping the cover from the access holes on the bottom, I discovered that the green 22 gauge wire was severed. This must have happened when I put the cover back on after wiring the first time. Upon reassembly, I was careful to run the wire in the provided wiring channels and the cover snapped into place with very little resistance. Now I'm able to enter 4112 800 and data field *20 for installer code is displayed. Powered down and tried the backdoor method. This worked as well. Word to the wise from this DIYer. Be careful putting the cover back on. Thanks for all your help. You guys and gals are great Norb
Hi Norbert, When you press your keys on the keypad, do all of the keys beep. Are you getting any beep when you press * and # together? How many wires do you have on terminals 6 and 7 of the vista panel?
Hi ciara. Thank you so much for your reply. I've read the entire post and am stilling having the issue where the * + # has no effect. Only 5 key presses are allowed, so I can't use: 4112800 since its 7 key presses. I'm able to configure the 6160 keypad to address 16 by holding down the 1 + 3 keys. My Vista 21IP is connected to the network with an ethernet cable. The panel is brand new and I only have 1 keypad connected. I do not have a remote monitoring account. When I press the backdoor keys, there isn't a long beep which would indicate that I'm locked out of the system (*88). In case I missed something in the post, I had a friend read it has she is observing the same behavior. Somewhat frustrated but I appreciate your help since I'm not sure what next steps to take.
Hi, please reference here:
I'm having the exact same issue where I can only enter 5 digits on the keypad. How did you solve this problem Gary? I am also a DIY'r and have watched the video but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated
Have you watched this video:
Help!!!! First...I am a first time alarm DIY'r, so thanks in advance. I am a trying to program my Vista 21iP via a hardwired 6160RF (which is currently the only keypad attached to the system). When I power-up the system, the keypad powers-on with a blank screen. I am able to hit 1+3 to address the controller and am setting it to 16. I am able to "*" thru the menu and exit back to the blank screen. When I try to enter programming mode via installer code 4112800, the keypad beeps for the first 5 digits entered (41128), but then stops responding. I have the "*+#" within 50secs of power-on, with no success. The keypad stays blank (but backlit) at all times, with exception of the "1+3" programming mode. Any suggestions? Thanks again.
The list of compatible cameras, with information on how to connect them, can be found online at
I moved the power source to an aux source (Apex) and its worked fine since. Regarding the security cameras they are all IP cameras (Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS 4MP) which should be compatible with the Tuxedo Touch based on what I've been able to find from Honeywell
Ah, I'm glad to hear the Tuxedo is no longer rebooting. What was the fix to that issue? We unfortunately don't support the non IPCAMs going to the Tuxedo so you'll have to figure that one out yourself or try contacting the company you bought from the Tuxedo from for assistance.
Sterling - Sorry I should have read back through the tread before I responded. Yes I did resolve the rebooting issue thanks to your help. When I responded yesterday I thought you were answering my question about how to get hikvision IP security cameras to show up on the Tuxedo and better yet how to get IP cameras attached to an hikvision NVR to be viewed through the Tuxedo.
How are you powering the Tuxedos? Are you connecting them all directly to the VISTA-21iP or are you using an auxiliary power supply?
Unfortunately no. Any ideas?
Were you able to get this issue resolved?
The system (Vista 21 IP with 3 Tuxedo Touch's) is up and mostly programed however now one of the keypads is stuck in a reboot loop while the other two are working properly. This didn't exist previously (that is prior to the programing issue previously mentioned) when I was able to bring the system up and let it know there were 3 tuxedo's. Suggestions? Thanks.
Thanks somehow I've unknowingly changed the exiting installer code so I will have to use the back door method and order a 6150 from you today.
You can default the panel programming using the console mode on the Tuxedo but you'd need to know the existing installer code. If you don't know that code, you will need a regular console keypad (6150 or 6160) to access panel programming using the "back door" method.
Unfortunately I'm in a similar situation of needing to reset my 21 ip to factory setting do to lack of ability in following instructions. My system has only tuxedo touch keypads (3) and from what I've read it appears this hard reset can only be done with an standard alarm keypad like a Honeywell 6150. Is this accurate? Thanks.
Is the Tuxedo Touch keypad the only keypad you have connected to your system?
I have installed a Honeywell tuxedo touch/ vista 21ip/ 5881 RF transmitter. The problem I have is not being able to program panel. I may have locked myself out of programming some how. Can I reset the vista panel to factory and the tuxedo too and start over again?

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