How Do I Factory Default My August Smart Lock Pro?

You can factory default your August Smart Lock Pro by accessing the lock settings option within the August Home App. This action will erase all data and restore the lock back to its factory default condition. You will need to reconnect the lock with the August Home App after doing this.

August smart lock pro dark gray z wave deadbolt lock 3rd generat

A factory reset is only recommended if you are planning to get rid of the lock. You may also perform a factory reset as a last-resort troubleshooting method if the lock is not performing correctly. Once you have performed a factory reset, the action cannot be undone. It will be as though you are starting fresh with a brand new lock.

In most cases, you will perform the factory reset locally using the Bluetooth connection on your Android or iOS device. This device will need to be in close proximity with the lock for successful communication. You can also perform the action remotely if the lock is using an August Connect Bridge and a WIFI connection. However, you will need to access the lock later to recalibrate.

A factory default is not the same as a Z-Wave default. That option is found within the Z-Wave settings menu in the August Home App. You will perform a Z-Wave default if you need to pair the lock with a new Z-Wave hub, but the current hub is inaccessible or inoperable. We briefly cover the Z-Wave defaulting process in this FAQ on excluding an August Smart Lock Pro.

If you would like to perform a factory default for your August Smart Lock Pro, complete the following steps:

1. Open the app. Access the August Home App on your Android or iOS device. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If necessary, login to your August account. Make sure you have an active Bluetooth or WIFI connection with the lock.

2. Initiate the default. From your keychain, choose the lock you are working with. Press the Settings icon (gear) on the right:

Then press the Lock Settings button:

Then scroll down to Factory Reset:

Then press the red "Reset Lock" button at the bottom:

Then press the Reset button to complete the process:

3. Confirm the reset. The August Home App will take you back to the screen where you can choose a lock. If that was the only lock paired with your account, then you will be taken to the initial startup screen where you can add a new lock. All the settings for the lock will be restored to their default.

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