Where's the serial number on my Alarm.com GCCDMV-A?

The 2GIG Go!Control (aka GC2) wireless security system requires a cellular communicator in order to enroll in monitoring service with Alarm.com. The most popular module is the GCCDMV-A since it uses the robust Verizon cellular network. Before activating the Alarm.com service with a dealer, they will need the "ADC" number listed on the cellular module. See the photo below for a detailed look at the placement of the ADC number on the board.

If you have already installed the module and would prefer to locate the serial number in programming you can go into system programming and select "GSM Radio Status." The serial number should be listed on the screen as depicted below.

Once you have provided your Alarm.com dealer with the serial number they can setup a profile for you system. After the Alarm.com account is created you will need to execute a cellular communications test. Press the Go!Control symbol at the bottom of the screen to go into the Installer Toolbox. Press "Radio Status" followed by "Cell Phone Test" on the bottom right. When you execute the test it will register the panel with Alarm.com. It may take several minutes for the registration to complete and the panel's firmware revision to report to the server. Then the dealer should be able to remotely upload the panel data and program the system remotely. Here are some screenshots for assistance with executing the cell test. Also you can reference page 69 (page 71 out of 78 on the reader) of the Go!Control Installation Guide.

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